28-Year-Old Woman’s Body was Discovered Beaten to Death in a Brooklyn Residence

Police are interviewing the live-in boyfriend of a nursing student whose body was found on the floor of her Brooklyn apartment. At about 9:40 a.m., police were called to the Clinton Hill apartment of victim Kelly Kwak, located on the first floor of a building on Gates Avenue, close to Classon Avenue.

The woman’s body was discovered on the floor of the living room on Friday, and investigators said they noticed bruises all over her body. “I can’t believe … it’s not real,” Kwak’s heartbroken mother, Shin Young, told the Daily News Tuesday.

“I’m trying to be normal. But time to time I think of her. It’s very terrible. She was only 28.”

Officers pounded on the door of her flat, but her incredibly sluggish 32-year-old partner wasn’t in any hurry to let them in. He reportedly told police he had taken a number of tablets.

Death inside Brooklyn Apartment
Death inside Brooklyn Apartment

Native New Yorker and QCC student Kwak was found lying in a pool of blood. Her face was shattered, and she had several other blunt-force injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene, and her boyfriend, who may have mental health issues, was taken by EMS to Woodhull Hospital for evaluation.

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Police were called to Kwak’s residence when her worried brother called from out of state, concerned about her safety. Young, 61, revealed that she had last communicated with her daughter through text message at around 9 p.m. on March 5.

This was five days before her body was discovered. We’re always texting. When I asked her to help me out, she enthusiastically said, “Oh, sure, I’m going to come and do it.” She wanted to be a nurse, but first and foremost, “She was a family girl,” her tormented mother stated.

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“She loved Mommy and Daddy and her brother. Her dog, Scooby, she rescued. She said she had to save the doggie from the shelter.”

Police sources claimed that she had been deceased for at least a day based on the state of her body’s decomposition. “She was a sweet girl. Going to school,” Young explained. After her daughter’s death, the mother finally learned what had happened to her.

There was an “on and off” relationship between her daughter and her boyfriend, according to Young. She claims that she does not know what caused her daughter’s death. “She wanted to continue school for nursing,” Young said about her daughter. “She had a plan. Of course she didn’t finish.”

A relative of Kwak’s in Georgia recalls talking to the “nice” New York resident several times a year on the phone.

“She put her family before herself,” said Peter Ko. “She was the first to call if we had a problem or something going on.”

Their grandmother’s health declined, and Kwak took it upon herself to care for her.

Death inside Brooklyn Apartment (1)
Death inside Brooklyn Apartment (1)

“Kelly always took her out to lunches, dinners, made sure to spend quality time with her,” said Ko, 33. “She’s always happy, outgoing.”

Kwak just got a dog named Scooby and was thinking about maybe relocating to the South.

“It’ll be nonstop Scooby before school, after school,” Ko said. “She loved that dog. Other than that, just school.”

It was determined Monday by the city’s medical examiner that Kwak died from multiple blunt force injuries to the body. Homicide was determined to be the cause of her death. “I have no idea what happened,” Ko said. “That’s what hurts me the most.”

Police sources indicated that while hospital professionals were assessing the boyfriend’s mental health, no charges had been filed against him in connection with Kwak’s death.

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