Debbie Collier’s Murder: Georgia Woman Reveals Black Eye After ‘fall’ In 2020

Debbie Collier, a woman from Georgia who was killed in the woods 60 miles from her home in Athens, had shared a series of pictures in which she appeared to have “face planted” on the pavement in December 2020.

It states, “Look what I caused to myself when I face planted on the concrete pavement,” in the Facebook description. My right eye does not have any eyeshadow on it.

Debbie Collier's Murder: Georgia Woman Reveals Black Eye After 'fall' In 2020
Debbie Collier’s Murder: Georgia Woman Reveals Black Eye After ‘fall’ In 2020

There is evidence that “Debbie Steve Collier” is a joint Facebook account containing both of Collier’s names and that of her spouse.

Collier’s right eye and forehead appear to have been bruised and scraped in the photos.

Fox News Digital talked with a representative from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, who said that neither Collier nor her husband were listed as victims in any domestic violence reports received or made by the department.

Former Florida forensic pathologist Dr. Emma Lew noted the injuries “would be compatible with a fall,” however this was all that could be said about their origin.

A “hard and rather flat, at least the piece of the object that came into contact with her” did the injury.

Earlier this month, deputies in Habersham County, Georgia, found Collier’s naked, partially burned body thrown down an embankment about a quarter of a mile from her rented car, and immediately opened a homicide investigation. Police reports claim that the 59-year-old woman was found clinging at a tree and suffering from “charring” on her abdomen.

On Wednesday night, detectives announced that they had found no evidence linking her death to kidnapping or suicide. Thursday afternoon, a representative from the sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On September 10th, Collier was reported missing after giving her daughter $2,385 via the Venmo app with the enigmatic message “They are not going to let me go love you there is a key to the house in the blue flowerpot by the entrance.” That afternoon, her daughter and husband reported her missing.

Amanda Bearden told police that the final message from her mother included a $2,385 payment, which “scared her,” and that it was “strange” for her mother to leave without telling anybody. Together with Steve Collier, she contacted authorities and filed a missing person’s report.

The remains of Collier were discovered by a K-9 unit in Habersham County, Georgia, 60 miles distant from her rental car. Investigators followed the signal from the rental car’s SiriusXM radio to a highway in Clarkesville. The missing person report stated that Collier was driving a rental Chrysler Pacifica while her own vehicle was being repaired.

Investigators Cale Garrison and George Cason can be reached at (706) 839-0559 and (706) 839-0560 with any information on the Collier case.

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