Deer Wanders into Sam’s Club in California

Shoppers at a Sam’s Club in Corona, California, experienced an unusual surprise when a deer wandered into the store. The Corona Police Department shared a video of the deer’s unexpected visit on Instagram. The footage captures the deer entering the store, navigating the smooth floors, and heading toward the television aisle.

According to the police department, the young buck had quite an adventure before finding its way into the Sam’s Club. It ran through yards, jumped a wall, took a brief dip in a backyard pool, and eventually entered the store on Ontario Avenue. Officers attempted to capture the deer, and after a bit of effort, they succeeded in holding onto it until animal control officers arrived.

Corona Animal Control took custody of the deer and later released it back into the wild. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the deer’s unexpected visit to Sam’s Club.

This incident adds a touch of nature’s spontaneity to the retail experience, providing shoppers and employees with a memorable and unique story to share.

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