Pentagon Reports Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Was Hospitalized for Prostate Cancer Operation Infection

In a statement issued by the Pentagon on Tuesday, doctors described Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization as a treatment for an infection stemming from his prior prostate cancer operation.

The Pentagon’s decision not to inform the White House and Congress about Austin’s condition for several days has been the subject of increasing criticism, and a statement from officials at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center adds fresh facts regarding his stay.

On December 22, Austin had a “minimally invasive procedure” to treat and cure his prostate cancer, which was discovered early last month, according to the officials. The patient “recovered uneventfully” after undergoing surgery while under general anesthesia, according to the statement. He has a favorable outlook because the cancer “was detected early,” according to the officials.

No other information regarding the procedure’s specifics was provided by officials. Doctor Jonathan LaPook, chief medical correspondent for CBS News, pointed out, “When you take out the entire prostate, it is a major operation,” even though the Pentagon and authorities from Walter Reed have described the procedure as “elective” and “minimally invasive.”

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin Was Hospitalized

The statement states that Austin was readmitted to Walter Reed after experiencing “nausea with severe abdominal, hip, and leg pain” while at home on January 1. The next day, he was sent to the intensive care unit after a diagnosis of a urinary tract infection.

Additional tests then showed that his small intestine was being blocked by abdominal fluid. In order to evacuate his stomach, doctors inserted a tube into his nostril. LaPook characterized Austin’s problems as “unusual.”

“Usually these surgeries, they are big operations, but people recover very well and generally without any kind of a complication like this,” LaPook added.

Austin “has progressed steadily throughout his stay,” according to his physicians. His illness has gone away. Even though it may take some time, he is making progress and we expect a full recovery. Throughout her entire hospitalization, Secretary Austin remained fully conscious and never required general anesthesia.

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