Delonte West Net Worth and Earnings 2022

Early Life

He was born in Washington, DC, on July 26, 1983. He went to Greenbelt’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School and then to Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s University. Delonte and Jameer Nelson were thought to be the best backcourt in the country while they were at St. Joseph’s.

In the 2004 NCAA Tournament, West’s work helped Saint Joseph’s University make it to the Elite Eight.

NBA Career

West was picked 24th in the 2004 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics. In his first season, he was hurt a lot and only played 39 games. West was named the starting point guard for the 2005-06 season, which was his first year on the team. By the 2006-07 season, West was playing the position of shooting guard. West, on the other hand, didn’t have much luck. In the beginning, he had trouble and was moved back to point guard.

In 2007, West was traded to the Seattle Supersonics. In early 2008, he was part of a three-team deal that sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers. West scored 20 points in a game against the Boston Celtics as a Cavalier. This was only six days after the trade.

West signed a $12.7 million, three-year deal with the Cavaliers at the end of 2008. West played shooting guard and was the backup point guard. West turned out to be a very good defender in the backcourt and a great outside shooter, which made some people take notice. The Cavaliers then sent West to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a trade, but he didn’t stay with the team for long.

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West signed a one-year deal with his old team, the Boston Celtics, at the end of 2010. He was going to back up point guard Rajon Rondo. After pleading guilty to weapons charges, there was no more contact. From 2011 to 2012, Delonte played for the Dallas Mavericks. He then went overseas to play for a few years.

Financial And Personal Problems

Even though Delonte has made $14 million in salary (before taxes and fees) over the course of his career, he has had a lot of personal and financial problems. During the NBA lockout, he reportedly lived in the Mavericks locker room and had to sell all of his jewellery and a few cars to pay his bills. During this time, he also tried to get a short-term job at Home Depot so he could pay his bills. West is said to have lost a lot of money in his divorce and in paying lawyers to defend himself in different cases.

In August 2019, Delonte was caught on camera looking a bit poor and maybe even homeless. A few months ago, he was seen walking around a fast food restaurant parking lot barefoot and looking messy.

In September 2020, a picture was taken of Delonte asking for money on the street in Dallas, Texas. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks, picked West up off the street when he won. Mark took West to a programme to help him get off drugs. At one point, Delonte’s luck seemed to have changed. He was back with his family and working at the rehabilitation centre.

In Florida, Delonte was arrested in October 2021, which was a bad thing.

Personal Life

West has had many problems in his life, and when he was a teenager, he was addicted to drugs. He went to rehabilitation more than once. In 2008, he was told he had bipolar disorder, but he later got rid of it by saying he was sad and stressed out about basketball. The next year, he was driving and the police pulled him over. They found two revolvers in his car and arrested him.

During the 2010 season, West was suspended in part because of this. West gave a lot of money to his family, but he had trouble making ends meet himself and had to work at Home Depot in 2011. In 2013, he got married to Caressa Madden, and the two of them now have two sons.

In 2016, West was seen walking around barefoot, and people thought he was homeless. In 2020, a picture of the former basketball player asking for money was taken again. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, helped West by paying for his rehab and giving him a place to stay.

West got a job at the rehab centre in 2021 and was able to see his family again. Later that year, he was arrested again at the police station for drinking too much. The news says that fans of the former player are once again begging for money on the streets. He’s the player who had a good career in the NBA but has now hit rock bottom.

Even though West is helpless, his wife hasn’t divorced him yet. This shows how much she loves him. She now lives with her family, though, because she was hurt by living in a house that wasn’t well taken care of. West used to be known for being on the Cavaliers with LeBron James.

Delonte West Net Worth

In 2022, Delonte West net worth is $1,000. He made about $16 million while playing in the NBA. Each season, he made about $1.6 million, and the Dallas Mavericks gave him a good $1.3 million when he played for them. He needs money right now, and he seems to be begging.

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