Delphi Killer: Indiana Town Demands Answers On ‘Blend-in’ Richard Allen

CVS employee Richard Allen, 50, was a male. In the days before JC’s Bar and Grill shut down, he used to spend his time there shooting pool. The guy seemed kind, but he wasn’t exactly the life of the party.

Up until this past weekend, that was about all there was to do in the little town of Delphi, Indiana.

Delphi Killer Indiana Town Demands Answers On 'Blend-in' Richard Allen
Delphi Killer Indiana Town Demands Answers On ‘Blend-in’ Richard Allen

For 74-year-old Tom Brower, the news “shocked the crap out of me,” as he reflected while drinking at the Office Tavern on Main Street in Delphi. It was strange to see the guy he had described as kind and polite appear as a mug image in the paper. Brower affirmed, “no warning signs.”

Mac McLeland, 68, who was seated next to Brower, said, “I freaked out.”
They were both completely unaware of who Allen was. When state police reported that Allen is a suspect in the 2017 murders of teenagers Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German, many people recognized his face since CVS is the only drugstore in the city of 3000.

On a lovely February day, the girls set out on a trek on the Delphi Historic Trails, and the next day, their corpses were discovered in the adjacent woods. Although Allen has been charged with two counts of murder in the case, the court has sealed the charging paperwork and the investigation is still ongoing after five and a half years.

Former JC’s Bar and Grill proprietor Bob Matlock is at a loss to explain how a frequent customer of his establishment found himself in this predicament.

Three or four times a week, Allen and his wife frequented the bar, where they shared laughs and sometimes solemn conversations about the tragedy that had befallen the kids and the anguish they must have caused their loved ones. Matlock said that not only them, but also their families, frequented the tavern.

The bar’s bulletin board had prints of both suspect sketches produced throughout the years. Matlock claimed there’s a photo of Allen next to the artworks moving around on Facebook. It was never suspected that there was any kind of link. It hasn’t changed Matlock’s skepticism.

As Matlock put it, “They were a lovely family pair.” This refers to Allen and his wife. That, I suppose, was the greatest surprise of all.

Betty Cummings, who was 67 years old at the time of the murders, used to meet with friends for lunch at the McDonald’s across from the CVS to speculate about possible motives. Occasionally, she would see Allen pick up his lunch from there, and she would recall him as a quiet, unassuming guy who seldom spoke to people. Their conversations, however, never included him. He was a sales associate at CVS who aided her in her search. According to his credentials, Allen is qualified to work as a pharmacy technician.


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