Delphi Murders Cause Of Death: Who Killed The Delphi Girls?

Police released an update to the case five years after the deaths of two Indiana girls who were killed while taking a walk in the woods on a sunny February day.

On the afternoon of February 13, 2017, Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, left for a stroll along the Delphi Historic Trails, but they never made it back to the designated pickup location.

According to crime scene evidence, their deaths were discovered the following morning, on Valentine’s Day, in a forested area close to the Monon High Bridge, which they had visited the day before.

A 50-year-old male named Richard Allen was detained and lodged in the Carroll County Jail on suspicion of murder in connection with the girls’ slayings, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis. The man was transferred to a state facility for his protection, according to Fox 59.

Who Were Abigail Williams And Liberty German?

Before they were killed, Abby and Libby were eighth-graders at Delphi Community Middle School and friends.

Family members first considered holding a fundraiser to purchase new bleachers or a scoreboard for the girls’ softball field as a way to honor them. The L&A Park Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to supervise the development of a $1 million park with three ball fields, an amphitheater, and playgrounds, was born out of their proposal.

Delphi Murders

The 20-acre Abby and Libby Memorial Park’s construction got underway in the spring of 2019 and it was ready for use in July 2021. Additionally, the foundation was given a $50,000 All-Star Legacy Grant by the NBA All-Star 2021 Host Committee in February 2020 to aid with the building of the sports facility. Also, read about Jerry Lee Lewis Cause Of Death

Delphi Murders Cause Of Death

The girls’ murders have been the subject of years of speculation on social media in groups devoted to the case, but the details have never been made public.

In order to preserve the integrity of the case, police authorities and prosecutors have frequently stated that they must suppress some crucial information regarding the investigation.

“When we have the person we want, we want to know what they know about the case,” Sgt. Kim Riley of the Indiana State Police said in an interview with IndyStar in 2020. “That’s why we’ve held back on the information that we’ve given out.”

Is James Brian Chadwell A Suspect?

James Brian Chadwell II, a 42-year-old Lafayette resident accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in April 2021, was one person who attracted notice in the case. Also, read about Tyra Banks Net Worth

Prosecutors claim that Chadwell was forced to hurriedly get dressed and answer the door after police knocked on his door and interrupted his attempt to sexually abuse the girl he had imprisoned in his basement.

James Brian Chadwell: Affidavit reveals Lafayette girl found in basement claims Chadwell sexually assaulted her.

Residents were eager to draw attention to the alleged crimes’ nature and similarities to the initial suspect sketch after the arrest.

Our investigators are looking into him, as the information has certainly been provided to us, according to Leazenby.

When police imposed the information blackout in July, attempts to continue the inquiry into Chadwell’s potential involvement were thwarted.

Chadwell requested a change of site claiming international media attention after getting involved in a fight in the jailhouse following his arrest.

The killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty German are still linked to Mr. Chadwell, according to his attorney Shay Hughes, who also noted that the New York Posts released information suggesting Chadwell is culpable.

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