Fact Check: Did WWE Star John Cena Really Die Of Covid-19?

According to social media messages that have been shared thousands of times, American wrestler and actor John Cena perished on August 11, 2021, after contracting the Covid-19 virus.

The assertion is untrue: On August 21, Cena participated in WWE Summer Slam 2021. Since the bogus rumors started to spread, he has also been active on social media.

On August 14, 2021, a Facebook post in the Burmese language stated, “Even the strong ones can die of Covid-19.”

More than 6,000 people have shared it already.

“John Cena, a WWE wrestler, died suddenly from COVID-19. He was diagnosed with the virus last week, and while receiving treatment at the New York General Hospital, he passed away on August 11, 2021, at about 6:00 PM “.

Similar posts were discovered by AFP on Indonesian TikTok, Bangladeshi Facebook, Cambodian Facebook, and Myanmar Facebook.

However, the assertion is untrue.

On August 21, Cena took part in the WWE Summer Slam 2021. Roman Reigns, the current world champion, defeated him.

As of August 23, 2021, there have been no reliable media reports on Cena’s alleged demise, and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) website has not made any such statement.

The 44-year-old wrestler has been active on social media since the death rumor spread online, tweeting frequently on his verified Twitter and Instagram accounts.

A few of the social media posts that circulate the fake claim include images from Cena’s funeral. Google’s reverse image searches, however, reveal that the pictures were actually taken at numerous distinct events.

The snapshot that purports to show pictures of Cena standing next to a casket was altered.

In the original image, Christopher Dennis, a street performer known as “Hollywood Superman,” is seen attending his burial on Hollywood Boulevard.

Here is the original image from an article on the US entertainment website Deadline.

Since at least 2013, another picture of Cena allegedly in a hospital bed with his eyes covered has been circulating online.

The image was linked by AFP to a blog post that refuted an earlier fake regarding Cena’s passing.

The picture of actor and wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson standing over a coffin was actually taken in 2020 at his father’s funeral.

On February 8, 2020, an article in the British tabloid The Sun included the image.

It details the star’s speech in the wake of his father Ricky.

“Dwayne Johnson touched his father’s chest before saying goodbye for the last time,” the caption on the picture reads.

The dying US civil rights leader John Lewis’ funeral was where the last photograph was taken; he passed away in July 2020.

The Associated Press news agency used the photograph in an article.

“Fox News Channel viewers tune out for John Lewis’ funeral,” the headline said.

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