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After the Discovery of Dj Jeffrey Vandergrift’s Body in San Francisco, His Distraught Wife Spoke Out

DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift's wife shares heartbreak (2)

DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift's wife shares heartbreak (2)

After a month-long search, the wife of a radio personality whose body was located in San Francisco Bay spoke up about her husband’s tragic demise. When Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift’s body was discovered last Wednesday on Pier 39, his coworker Natasha Yi claimed her anxiety turned to sadness.

“Every moment he was missing was agonizing for me,” she wrote on Instagram.

“But the pain I feel now is something I have never felt before. My heart is crushed, and I cannot see myself ever moving forward, ever feeling joy or being at peace.”

There was no sign of foul play, but the circumstances of his death are still unknown. Vandergrift may have been experiencing mental health problems at the time of his death, as indicated by his social media posts.

DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift’s wife shares heartbreak

Yi, who renewed her wedding vows with Vandergrift in 2017, said she would not discuss the circumstances of his death out of respect for him and his family.

“I am devastated that the love of my life is gone,” she wrote. “But what I do know is that JV loved his work and he loved connecting with all of you. He loved his family, and I know he loved me as much as I love him. Our bond was truly unmatched.”

“JV, my love, I will cherish the time we had together and will miss you until the day I see you again.” Natasha Yi, the widow of deceased San Francisco radio personality Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift, sent a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

Vandergrift was reported missing on February 23, only hours after writing Instagram posts praising his “a wonderful life-filled w joy, laughs, pain & struggles,” police discovered his account had been deactivated.


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Before he mysteriously disappeared, he changed his Twitter location to “the other side.” After being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2021, the radio personality, known for his antics on air, frequently discussed his ongoing struggle with sadness.

“The stuff I’ve been going through in my brain that they’re trying to figure out. Ugh,” he said during what would be his final show.

“The body and the pain and all that stuff, I can handle. What it’s doing to my brain I could never describe to you.”

Weeks after posting a letter in which she said she thought her husband was dead, Yi has now posted this terrible statement.

DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift’s wife shares heartbreak

“JV and I have always considered this community part of our family, so I want to let you know that personal information has recently been discovered that leads us to believe JV will not be coming back,” she wrote at the time. “I tell you this with incredible pain and sadness in my heart.”

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