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Doctor Missing From Cassville Missouri Found De@d in Arkansas

Doctor Missing From Cassville Missouri Found Dead in Arkansas (2)

Doctor Missing From Cassville Missouri Found Dead in Arkansas (2)

The body of a Missouri emergency room doctor who had been lost for more than a week has been found in northwest Arkansas, his brother told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Around 7 a.m. on May 21, Dr. John Forsyth’s last text message was sent. Richard Forsyth, his brother, said that the police called the family Tuesday night to tell them that his brother had been found dead. He gave no other information.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol did not respond right away to messages that were sent to them.

John Forsyth, who is 49 years old, was last seen or heard from around 7 a.m. on May 21. Police said he was reported missing when he didn’t show up for work at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri, a town of 3,100 people in the Ozarks.

The tweet below verifies the news of missing doctor 

His black Infiniti was left in a remote spot near a Cassville water park. He left his wallet, two phones, and a laptop in the car, which was open.

“It doesn’t seem like a person who left with a plan,” Richard Forsyth told the AP earlier on Tuesday. “Right now, we don’t have much of a way out of this case. I don’t understand and I’m scared. And I’m not happy about this at all.”

Several law enforcement agencies, like the Missouri State Highway Patrol, used people, dogs, and drones to search a 9-mile area around the park. Forsyth’s family made a Facebook page to find out more about what happened.

“I haven’t seen my brother in a week.” His sister, Tiffany Andelin, wrote on Monday, “I’m sad, I’m scared, and it feels like the world has gone completely crazy.”

Richard Forsyth said that the last person his brother texted was the woman he just got engaged to. A few days before he disappeared, Richard saw him last.

Richard Forsyth said, “We had dinner with him the night before he disappeared, and we talked for three hours.” “I told him that I hadn’t seen him this happy in a long time. On May 11, his divorce was final, and I think that gave him hope for the future.”

Tuesday calls and emails sent to Cassville police were not answered right away. Police said there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

Richard Forsyth said that his brother had been at the Cassville hospital for about 15 years. He said that John Forsyth was a caring father, a family doctor, and a math nerd in his spare time.

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