Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: Does The American Detective Star Suffering From Any Kind Of Cancer?

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: Could American Detective Joe Kenda Be Battling Cancer? Do we know whether American Detective star Joe Kenda has cancer? Let’s check in on the retired lieutenant’s health and see what’s wrong.

Joseph Patrick Kenda, a detective lieutenant for the Colorado Springs Police Department for 23 years, solved 356 of 387 homicide cases he was assigned to, for a 92 percent success rate.

In his Investigation Discovery show “Homicide Hunter,” he discusses cases he has helped solve.

During his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Kenda has achieved many successes. However, his greatest achievement may be breaking the Discovery Channel’s most famous crime show’s IMDb show rating of 8.8 out of 10 to become the network’s best viewer rating performance.

Who Is Joe Kenda

Joe Kenda, who was born on November 14, 1946, in the United States, is a well-known television host. Colorado’s homicide squad veteran of 25 years with one of the nation’s top case closing rates. He is the main character of the id series Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda.

The most frightening cases that continue to plague him to this day are revisited in his “murder books,” which he opens for the event. Joe Kenda has a Scorpio sun sign, say, astrologers.

Does Joe Kenda Have CancerSource: Gazette

He entered the world in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1967, he tied the knot with Kathy Kenda; the couple eventually welcomed two children.

Moreover, Numerous people are curious about Joe Kenda’s racial, national, and ancestral background. What are we waiting for? According to publicly available sources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Joe Kenda’s ethnicity is unknown. In this article, we will cover Joe Kenda’s most recent religious and political leanings.

Joe is one of the wealthiest TV hosts and one of the most well-known. Our research, as well as that of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, has led us to the conclusion that Joe Kenda has a net worth of roughly $1.5 million.

He had decided early on that he wanted to investigate homicides since he considered murder to be the worst kind of crime and wanted to find and punish the persons responsible for it.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

Joe Kenda is speculated to have skin cancer, according to a theory based on his scarred nose. However, Joe does not directly address the sickness rumor. The former murder detective has been silent on social media about his significant health problems.

He is 75 years old, but he seems to be in great health, filled with joy, and able to share many wonderful experiences with his beloved wife, Mary Kathleen. He dated Mary all throughout high school, and the two eventually tied the knot in 1967. This happy couple has been bestowed with the gifts of two sons, Dan and Chris.

Upon leaving the police department in 1996, Joe made his first foray into the world of television. After 23 years as a detective, he finally got his due credit for his work in the 2011 premiere of “The Homicide Hunter,” in which he recounted the cases he had worked on.

In January 2021, he released an additional series called “American Detective.” His true-crime biographical work, titled Killer Triggers, was released in 2021.

Fantastic Performer, But Why Does He Have A Scar On His Nose

Kenda’s nose, like Owen Wilson’s sniffer and Seal’s face, has been the topic of endless rumors. Lt. Joe Kenda and his wife Kathy seem to be having a good time seeing how many people can guess what happened to the strong lieutenant’s nose.

They have not been forthcoming with information regarding the million-dollar inquiry, and we highly doubt that anyone would have the guts to ask the no-nonsense investigator, face-to-face, what happened to his nose.

His silence has inspired speculation among his followers, who have come up with a wide variety of possible explanations.

The widespread belief is that Kenda’s skin cancer scars on his nose were the result of a physical altercation, such as a punch. But the fan theories keep getting more intriguing.

Viewers on Facebook and Reddit speculated that the scar was caused by a dog bite when he was younger or by a ring, a drug dealer threw at him during a drug bust.

A member of the audience once revealed that he had a nose piercing to blend in better with his part during a mission in which he tried to hide his identity. Kenda’s nose job, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned, and he now has a crooked, uneven appearance to his nose.

Those who watch Kenda on TV are so concerned about his nose that some viewers have even watched every episode in order to find out who attacked him.

Joe Kenda seems to be very good at covering his tracks, especially for someone on the up-and-up of the criminal world.

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