Does John Dutton Have Cancer: What Will Happen To Him In Yellowstone?

Does John Dutton Have Cancer: The Duttons, who own and run the Yellowstone Ranch, are the central characters of the Western drama series “Yellowstone.”

The family has experienced numerous conflicts over the course of the first three seasons, with their highly desired property serving as the focal point. The Dutton family members have consequently frequently found themselves in extremely dangerous situations.

None of the dangers they have experienced, though, compares to the planned attacks on the family in the horrific and gruesome season 3 finale. Fans will undoubtedly be interested to learn whether John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the patriarch of the Dutton family, survives the attacks or is killed. Here is all the information you require regarding John Dutton’s fate!


Does John Dutton Have Cancer

John Dutton is the sixth-generation leader of the Yellowstone Ranch, which he regards to be his family’s legacy. He makes his first appearance in the pilot episode of the series Yellowstone and serves in this capacity. In the first season, John learns that he has cancer and starts making preparations for the future of the ranch after he has passed away.

As a direct consequence of this, he winds up making some dubious decisions that come back to haunt both him and his family. John eventually finds out that he did not have cancer but rather a ruptured ulcer, and he is able to heal from this condition.

On the other hand, John was destined to have a brush with mortality sooner or later, and that moment came in the concluding episode of the third season, which is named “The World is Purple.” In the episode, John is out driving when he comes across a mother and her child attempting to change a flat tire on the side of the road.

Does John Dutton Have Cancer

During the time John was assisting them in changing the tire, a van pulled over to the side of the road and began firing at John. He takes multiple shots to the chest, all of which hit him. It turns out that the attacks on the Duttons were just a small element of a much wider scheme against them.

Does John Dutton Die In Yellowstone

The viewers eventually get an update on John in the debut episode of the fourth season, which is titled “Half the Money,” but it does not appear that things will go well for the rancher.

Despite the fact that he is on the side of the road and bleeding out, he has managed to jot down a clue about his attackers using his own blood. Rip comes and drives John to the hospital, but he is concerned that John won’t make it there in time. John is taken to the hospital by helicopter by Kayce, where he is treated for his injuries.

After some time has passed, we find out that John was able to survive the gunshot but has since been in a coma. Even while it is never made clear for how long he remained in a coma, it is obvious that several months have elapsed since the assault. John wakes up from the coma with a beard on his face and finds out from Beth that the rest of the family was attacked before the doctors put him to sleep.

John had been in a coma for a while. John is eventually released from the hospital, and it doesn’t take him long to get back to riding horses. However, the near-death experience prompts John to think critically about the future of the ranch in the absence of his leadership.

In spite of receiving many gunshot wounds, it should not come as a surprise that the experienced rancher managed to survive. In the end, John has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is not an easy person to get rid of.

Fans can exhale a sigh of relief now that the Dutton patriarch is safe and sound after being removed from imminent danger. If the character were to be eliminated, the show would suffer a significant setback because it would no longer feature Kevin Costner, who now plays the role of John.

In the event that Costner decided to leave the program, everything was in place for a smooth transition. Nevertheless, we have no doubt that viewers are pleased to see him remain a part of the show.

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