Does MrBeast Have Cancer: Why Does He Give Money And Expensive Cars To People In His Youtube Videos?

Does MrBeast Have Cancer: MrBeast, one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, has been photographed bald. There was, however, no statement from MrBeast himself announcing the new do. Many of MrBeast’s subscribers have wondered if the YouTube celebrity is ill or why he has gone bald. Just keep reading to find out why.

Who Is MrBeast

MrBeast is a famous YouTuber, philanthropist, and businessman from the United States. Mr. Beast is a multimillionaire, to the tune of $25,000,000. On YouTube alone, MrBeast earns at least $3 million per month. But that doesn’t account for product placement within the video itself.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, has become famous on YouTube for pranks in which he gives out significant sums of money to his friends and charities. He was the first person to create a viral video stunt for charity on YouTube.

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In addition, he earns a lot of money for being a YouTuber, making him one of the top earners in the industry. He made $24 million in 2020 through YouTube ads, clothing sales, and endorsement deals with companies like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

It has been said that most of Jimmy’s earnings from his videos are re-invested towards making more videos. When he first started making videos, he spent around $10,000. Now, he can easily spend $300,000 on a single project.

Most of his antics, like giving money to random people or taking in a pack of rescue puppies from a shelter, have some sort of charitable underpinning.

At the time of this writing, he has amassed over 140 million subscribers over his three primary channels, MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts. If you add up all of MrBeast’s subscribers, he has more than any other YouTuber in the United States combined.

113 million people are subscribed to MrBeast’s primary channel.

Does MrBeast Have Cancer

After other videos on TikTok made similar claims, rumors began circulating online that he had lung cancer. The majority of the videos consisted of snapshots of Mr.Beast alongside the words “He has lung cancer.”

Such unfounded rumors have circulated the internet before. A few months ago, the YouTuber’s audience was under the impression that he donated money due to renal issues. A TikTok user who went by the handle hesmyoverd0se on the platform posted a video in which he or she claimed that this was the case, spreading the myth around.

What Disease Does MrBeast Have

MrBeast has been open about his battle with Crohn’s disease since the beginning of his career. Yet that is not why he donates cash.

Back in 2011, the YouTuber shared the news that he had cancer. He wrote about his experience with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which affects the large intestine and causes inflammation there.

The YouTuber went on to say that he was initially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease while he was in the ninth grade. He continued, saying that there were times when the pain was so intense that he could do nothing.

Since then, MrBeast has been very vocal about his illness in an effort to raise awareness.

Why Does MrBeast Give Away His Money

It’s easy to understand why MrBeast freely distributes his wealth: to increase views on his videos. For MrBeast, success as a content developer meant standing out from the crowd.

So, it made sense to start by lavishing money on people and handing it out as freebies. Since then, MrBeast has established himself financially to the point where he can secure numerous sponsorships that support his artistic endeavors and social media promotion.

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