Dog Shot Multiple Times for Sitting on the Wrong Side of the Fence

A humane group in Texas successfully matched a dog that had been shot many times with a foster home via Facebook.

The 2-year-old Great Pyrenees mix had wounds to his face, neck, back, and leg as a result of many fragments and complete bullets lodged in his body.

Following allegations that a dog had been shot and was running behind a building, Llano City Animal Control was contacted. The animal was taken into custody by responding officers and given to the Hill Country Humane Society in Buchanan Dam, Texas.

We dubbed the dog Messiah, a group representative told Newsweek. We’re in a rural part of central Texas where a lot of people raise livestock, so there are a lot of breeds that are like livestock guardians.

Unfortunately, a majority of them are not neutered or spayed, so like Messiah, they are motivated by their innate inclinations to roam about looking for a mate.

When the team arrived at the society on January 12, they immediately started making calls to try to find a vet who could assist Messiah.

The spokesman for the Hill Country Humane Society claimed that Llano Animal Control provided very little information to them. He was shot twice by the caller’s neighbor, according to the information we have gathered, and his corpse is covered in several bullet pieces. The one that appears to be causing the vet the most worry is the one that is close to his nasal cavity.

Messiah has undergone X-rays, antibiotic treatment, and pain management. In addition, he had extra gas from his stomach removed, and he is currently receiving treatment for anemia, which is suspected to be brought on by blood loss.

The Hill Country Humane Society posted Messiah’s tale on Facebook and requested any new information as well as donations to help cover his medical expenses.

People were appalled by the article and responded in their hundreds: “How can people be so heartless? That baby didn’t do anything to cause this, a Facebook commenter wrote.

Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for this adorable boy wrote another commenter.

Another Facebook user wrote: “I sincerely hope the poor puppy will make it and find a loving home,” and another added: “Who would do such a horrific thing?”

Messiah can now get the greatest care possible because of the public’s response. “Our community has been nothing short of incredible and has assisted significantly with the cost of vet treatment he has already incurred as well as the care he is still in need of,” the Hill Country Humane Society wrote. Being a municipal nonprofit shelter, we are accustomed to soliciting money to save animals.

“We are so grateful for and overwhelmed by all of the nice individuals around the globe that are supporting him right now! The team continued, “Seeing what this wonderful puppy has gone through just being on the wrong side of the wrong fence helps to restore our confidence in people.

The team members are starting to generate money for what they claim would be a “really low-cost” spay-and-neuter program in the neighborhood in addition to raising money for Messiah’s care.

According to the Hill Country Humane Society, “Hopefully, our spay/neuter program will help avoid incidents like this from happening to more dogs.”

Messiah has now been placed in foster care so that he can get individualized care as he recovers from his wounds.

He will be eligible for adoption after more recovery time and vetting, according to a statement from Hill Country Humane Society.

“We don’t know exactly when he’ll be accessible. We’ll keep you updated! He will soon visit a new veterinarian so we may get their advice on how to give him the most comfortable and fulfilling life possible!

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