DOJ: Missouri Woman Abducted Arkansas Lady For Unborn Baby

A couple from Pineville, Missouri has been charged with federal kidnapping and murder charges in connection with the disappearance and subsequent deaths of 33-year-old Ashley Bush and her 31-week-old unborn child.

Separate criminal complaints were filed against both Amber Waterman and her husband Jamie Waterman.

Doj: Missouri Woman Abducted Arkansas Lady For Unborn Baby
Doj: Missouri Woman Abducted Arkansas Lady For Unborn Baby

The federal criminal complaint alleges that on October 31 and November 2, Amber Waterman abducted Bush so that she may legally adopt the unborn child.Upon Bush’s death, she is suspected of having driven her body from Maysville, Arkansas, to Pineville.

One count of accessory after the fact to kidnapping resulting in death has been filed against Jamie Waterman.

An affidavit submitted in support of federal criminal accusations claims that Amber Waterman used the alias “Lucy” online in an attempt to meet Bush.

The two were supposed to meet so that Amber could drive her to a job interview, but instead of helping her, Amber ended up killing Bush.

A missing person report was filed for Bush on October 31 after her fiance claimed seeing her in a pickup truck with a woman named “Lucy.”

On the evening of October 31st, Amber Waterman reported to authorities that she had gone into labor and given birth to a stillborn baby.

The Watermans informed detectives that Amber had a miscarriage on November 1.

After hearing Bush’s description, detectives found blood stains inside a truck that fit the description.

On the evening of November 2, Bush’s body was found face down next to a boat not far from their Pineville home, and it is believed that Amber Waterman brought her husband to the scene.

After allegedly burning the body in the backyard, the couple drove it a short distance from their home to avoid detection.

After being escorted there by Jamie Waterman, agents and detectives found a burnt human body at the location the body had been carried to.

According to the FBI’s evidence response team, a burnt human hand and bone pieces were found in the fire pile located behind the house.


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