Double Murderer In Clovis Is Punished And Suspected Of A Third Murder

A life sentence is currently being served by the British national who murdered his wife and mother-in-law in Clovis six years ago. Before they were assassinated, Tierney and Judy Cooper made a significant impact on this neighborhood.

While Dave McCann was killing his wife and mother-in-law, Tierney’s sister escaped the home.

Cortney Rider died before she had the chance to witness the murderer. According to her friends and family, Tierney Cooper dedicated her whole 37-year life to serving others.

She was friendly, generous with her hugs, and eager to lend a hand. Shannon Johnson, a friend, stated, “I miss and think about her every day.”

Tierney, who aspired to become a nurse, had just begun working in the burn center of the Community Regional Medical Center.

But a day after calling the Clovis police for assistance, Tierney’s ex-husband killed her and her mother over Mother’s Day weekend in 2016. Her sister heard Judy Cooper being told she was the next as she watched Dave McCann slit Tierney’s throat.

Cortney Rider escaped the house and went to the police, but the events she witnessed left her with PTSD, and in 2021, at the age of 50, she passed away from severe cancer.

Dr. Sara Edwards, Judy’s niece, and Tierney’s cousin stated that there is a connection between acute traumatic stress and cancer. “I have no doubt that seeing the awful deaths of her mother and sister led to her untimely death,” she added.

Tricia Miller, who is also Tierney’s cousin and Judy’s niece, said, “In my mind, I feel like Dave is part of her death, too.”

McCann claimed that he is going through unfathomable loss, anguish, and misery. He begged for pardon but refused to accept responsibility.

The double murderer remarked, “Most people think I only deserve hatred. “I wouldn’t disagree entirely if I had done these things on purpose or with any kind of premeditation. That is not the situation.”

The investigation’s findings demonstrate the falsity of the assertion.

McCann slit his ex-neck, his wife stabbed her mother multiple times and then fled to the Central Coast, where he hid. He did all of this while wearing gloves.

He even threatened to kill the rest of the family in a letter. Additionally, McCann had a ticket back to his native England.

He ultimately renounced his claim of insanity and entered a plea of no contest to two counts of first-degree murder, thereby admitting to premeditation and malice.

Family and acquaintances of Tierney claim that McCann is a narcissistic control freak who doesn’t give a damn about how his misdeeds affect other people.

Tierney’s friend Susanne claimed, “I wake up feeling like I was the one who was stabbed to death.” “I feel like Dave has repeatedly ripped out my heart and stabbed me 100 times,” said the victim.

McCann appeared in court in Fresno County through Zoom from the Atascadero State Hospital, but he will then proceed immediately to prison.

He will serve a 52-year to-life term.

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