Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania’s GOP Gubernatorial Nominee, Says Women Should Be Prosecuted With Murder For Abortion

On Tuesday, NBC News broke the story that Doug Mastriano, the far-right GOP nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, has previously declared that women who had abortions in defiance of a proposed ban should be prosecuted with murder.

Mastriano was questioned whether a woman who discovered she was pregnant at 10 weeks and wanted to get an abortion would be prosecuted with murder under the proposal in a recently uncovered interview from 2019.

Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania's Gop Gubernatorial Nominee, Says Women Should Be Prosecuted With Murder For Abortion.
Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania’s Gop Gubernatorial Nominee, Says Women Should Be Prosecuted With Murder For Abortion.

The Heartbeat Bill, which would outlaw abortions when a heartbeat is detected (usually between six and eight weeks of pregnancy), had Mastriano as its primary sponsor at the time. Unfortunately, the bill was vetoed and died.

The interviewer from Pennsylvania’s WITF radio inquired whether or not a lady who had what is now termed an illegal abortion could be charged with murder.

According to Mastriano, the most fundamental question is whether or not “it deserves equal protection under the law” because it is “a small boy or a girl.”

So, “yes” is your answer, the interviewer probed.

Yes, I am,” Mastriano, a state lawmaker, confirmed.

The WESA report states that Mastriano recently told activists on a call held by the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania that he would sign the heartbeat measure or a “fetal pain bill,” another attempt to restrict abortions, if he were elected.

After 24 weeks, abortion is illegal in Pennsylvania unless it is medically necessary to preserve the mother’s life or health.

To date, Mastriano’s campaign office for the state senate has not responded to a request for comment.

Democrat Josh Shapiro’s campaign released a statement from their spokesperson, “Doug Mastriano has made it clear that criminalizing women for making decisions about their own healthcare, including abortion, is one of his top priorities.

He has previously stated that he will not make exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. Mastriano is the most anti-choice politician in the United States, and he would go to any length to restrict the reproductive rights of women in Pennsylvania.”

Mastriano declared abortion to be “definitely” murder during a radio appearance with WITF in 2019. Mastriano responded, “So it goes back down to the courts if it’s judged that… that little person is a baby, a human being, then it’s murder and it needs to go through the legal procedures,” when asked what the penalty would be for a doctor who conducted an abortion after a heartbeat.

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