DPS Officer Fatally Shoots A Woman In Round Rock Following A Chase

After being shot by a state trooper, a woman died. It occurred in Round Rock on Friday afternoon close to I-35 and Old Settlers Boulevard.

According to officials, the event began around midday. A trooper located the stolen car at Westinghouse and I-35 after Round Rock police reported it as stolen. The woman inside refused to stop when the trooper attempted to pull it over.

Sgt. Deon Cockrell with the Texas Department of Public Safety said that it looked like the woman was attempting to make a right turn onto Old Settlers Road but was unable to make the maneuver and proceeded straight through the median, striking the black passenger vehicle there.

According to Christopher Santos-Velasquez, he was the one driving the black vehicle.

“I didn’t know how to respond when I saw a car driving straight at me. I asked, “What?” The impact had already occurred before I could respond. At that point, I simply said, “Whoa.” Airbags went off. My car had been entirely turned off; nothing was operating or functioning. I was merely shocked. Hey, this truly just happened, I was like,” he remarked.

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Authorities claim that when the woman got out of the car after it had rolled into a grassy area, she was holding a firearm. She was shot by a trooper, who killed her.

Santos-Velasquez recalled, “I initially heard gunshots and I didn’t know how I reacted.”

Santos-Velasquez was transported for protection. He claims that despite some bruises and whiplash, he is generally fine.

He urged people to drive safely, to be alert at all times, and to at least phone their loved ones to check on them.

Customers at the adjoining Cracker Barrel were terrified as they tried to understand what was happening.

Ashley Chambers recalled the moment she first heard people cry: “I just heard people yell, and I had my baby with me, and my husband was with me, and I’m also pregnant, so I had to dive to the floor pretty quickly, so it was really terrible.”

I lunged across the table when someone yelled “everyone gets down” since I have two young children, ages three and five, and they were both seated in highchairs and unable to move, according to Juliane Frank-Griffin.

We went into the kitchen, and at some point, I don’t know how, but I fell and busted my face open, and I think I started bleeding, but I didn’t know. My husband grabbed my son, and I tried to run around to the other side of the table to pull my daughter out.

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