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Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date: Is It Coming This Year?

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

One of the largest releases of the Spring 2023 schedule was Riichiro Inagaki’s Dr. Stone season 3, which wrapped up the first episode on June 15, 2023. Prior to airing, it was announced that the sequel would have a split-course run with 24 episodes. The production company has yet to confirm this, and some people think part 2 will only have 13 episodes.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

Although “With This Fist, A Miracle,” the eleventh episode, served as the season finale, episode 12 was approved the same day the finale was shown. The series’ official Twitter account was used to announce the news. The 12th episode will be part of the second cour’s schedule, which will premiere in October 2023, but that is the only catch.

What to Expect from Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12?

Senku and his team will probably revive their fallen brethren, who became victims of the petrification device, in Dr. Stone season 3 episode 12 after the explosive finale in the most recent episode. With the aid of his spy team, Senku was able to obtain Platinum, which gave him access to an unending supply of nitric acid, a mineral acid that is extremely corrosive and used to create the Revival Fluid along with 96% alcohol.

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Senku still needs enough people to start his next scheme to steal the petrification weapon, even with Suika, Gen, and Soyuz. Senku has resorted to constructing a drone from scratch, therefore he will use Kaseki’s skills to produce the intricate components that only he can make with precision. Ryuusui, Chrome, and other terrified allies are also necessary for Senku and his squad to carry out their strategy.

Where to Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 12?

Crunchyroll offers both English dubbed and subbed versions of Dr. Stone season 3 part 1 as well as all of the series’ earlier episodes for viewers worldwide. The anime is also accessible on Netflix, but only in a few places.

More information about part 2 of Dr. Stone season 3 will soon be made available, including the opening and closing themes, the number of episodes, and extra characters.

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