Dream Face Reveal: Why Is The Internet Freaking Out After “Anonymous Streamer’s” Face Reveal?

Dream Face Reveal: Dream, a very popular and mysterious Minecraft content creator, finally showed his face. This happened after he told his online friends about the face reveal in late September, and they gave him feedback before he showed it to the rest of the world.

Who Is Dream

Dream, a 23-year-old streamer, has been active online since 2014 when he and his friend GeorgeNotFound launched the Dream SMP (“survival multi-player”) server for Minecraft.

The invite-only server became life in April 2020, and its WikiFan Page boasts of a “largely improvised plot and a rich history of alliances, conflicts, factions, eras, and characters.” Dream’s Minecraft channel on YouTube is three years old and has over 30 million subscribers.

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He also has a group of buddies who aren’t anonymous and who he streams with; Tubbo has over three million YouTube subscribers and nearly five million Twitter followers, and TommyInnIt has over eleven million.

The mystery surrounding Dream’s online identity is one of the many things that have attracted fans to him and helped him gain a strong following on various social media sites. Popularity usually comes with some controversy and criticism, and Dream has not been immune to this.

Prior to this, he was accused of utilizing “mods” during Minecraft speedrun, which is a kind of cheating, but he insisted that he didn’t intend to use them and didn’t even realize they were running.

Dream Face Reveal

After three years of hiding his identity while playing Minecraft live on Twitch and YouTube in front of 30 million viewers, Dream has unveiled his face.

In the 14 hours following the unveiling on Sunday, the video was viewed 18 million times. More than 131,000 people have shared the following selfie tweet, with at least 57,000 of those shares occurring within the first three minutes.

The dream has been teasing his identity on social media and in video calls with colleagues like Addison Rae and KSI for the past two weeks.

Prior to the reveal, fans expressed mixed emotions to BuzzFeed News about finally seeing Dream’s face. Twitter was ablaze with reaction to the big unveiling.

Some of the responses have been harsh, with some users comparing Dreams’ appearance to that of infamous YouTuber Shane Dawson and making fun of his chin in an attempt to draw comparisons. A popular hashtag on Twitter read “Re-mask.”

What Was The Reason Behind Dream Face Reveal

Dream claims that he finally revealed his identity in order to socialize with people like the Live streamer GeorgeNotFound. Now that his audience recognizes him, he can hold creator meetups and get more done outside of the office.

Dream said in his Padilla interview that he hopes to expand his content offerings by revealing his identity, including working with fellow YouTube star Mr. Beast and creating TikTok videos.

What Is So Special In Dream Face Reveal

A lot of people have spent a lot of time attempting to imagine what a Dream looks like. A self-sustaining hype engine of ravenous followers eager for a dramatic disclosure was driven by his aura of mystery and his enormous fanbase.

Just picture this: you have the second most popular creative on a major platform and a huge source of entertainment, and he or she is the breakout star of a generation.

To all intents and purposes, he is one of the most famous people of his time, with the notable exception that his followers have never seen his face. But now, finally, all those fans may rest easy.

The creator also fully capitalized on the disclosure of the character’s face. He prepared the world for the revelation by first displaying his face on camera to prominent producers, who then shared their reactions online.

Top personalities like Addison Rae and TommyInnit of DreamSMP, as well as other notable members of the organization, have recorded videos reacting to the news of the face reveal. There was already a lot of mystery about it, and the media circus further added to that.

Fans were “proud” to share their reactions to Dream’s face reveal on TikTok, and others joined in for no apparent reason. On the other hand, some Twitter users have established a hashtag mocking the creator’s appearance.

Why Did Dream Want To Hide His Face In The First Place

In the interview he gave with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Dream explained that he actually didn’t plan to be an anonymous YouTuber at the start. He had begun by designing a simple avatar inspired by a matching Discord picture his ex-girlfriend had made.

But then, he started making videos and his account took off. “It just all blew up so quickly and became a part of the fan art and community. It wasn’t a calculated move, it just happened so quickly,” he said.

Although Dream framed the decision as sort of serendipitous in his interview with Padilla, he had other thoughts to share about it in his unmasking video.

He talked about the mask as a way for people to see themselves in him, even if he’s ascended to a celebrity-like level of name recognition now. The mask let him serve almost as a vessel, allowing everyone to project a side of themselves onto him.

“This channel is living proof that anyone can do anything. Anyone can be under the mask, and I don’t want my face reveal to take away from that fact,” he said. “Because it’s true, and it can be. And you can do it if you want to. Dream could have been anyone from anywhere.”

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