A Truck Cr@shed Into the Square Outside the White House, and the Driver Was Detained

Late on Monday night, a box truck slammed into security barriers in Lafayette Square, close to the White House, and the driver was captured by the Secret Service. A Secret Service spokesperson named Anthony Guglielmi said that preliminary findings indicated the car “may have intentionally struck the security barriers.”

The accident happened on the north side of Lafayette Square near 16th Street NW at around 10 o’clock, he said, not far from the White House. He also said that nobody in the White House or the Secret Service was hurt.

Authorities halted traffic several blocks around the White House to examine the truck, and according to Mr. Guglielmi, they found nothing suspicious. Local news stations showed footage of a robot opening the back of the truck, and a spokesman for the D.C. fire department said his department had been called in to assist with the investigation.

The following tweet serves as a confirmation of the news:

According to Mr. Guglielmi, the Secret Service was conducting interviews to ascertain the “cause and manner” of the incident. The White House has been fortified by police in response to several breaches over the past few years.

Last year, the Secret Service began a project to increase the height of the White House’s outer fencing from 6 to 13 feet. A child was able to get through this barrier on the north side of the complex last month.

Read on if you’re interested in what’s been going on in the Golden State recently:

Near Capitol Hill, there have been at least two fatal car cr@shes with barricades in the past two years. An automobile rammed into two Capitol Police officers in 2021, killing one and injuring the other roughly three months after the deadly Jan. 6 incident. Noah R. Green, the assailant, was shot and killed by police after he lunged at them with a knife.

Another man cr@shed his car through a barricade outside the Capitol building in August. When police officers arrived, the suspect, later identified as Richard A. York III, stepped out of the burning car and shot himself.

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