Drone Footage Shows The Damage Caused By Tornadoes In The South

At least 30 tornadoes have been reported across the South between the afternoon of Tuesday and early Wednesday, inflicting damage in states like Mississippi and Alabama.

At least two persons were reportedly slain early on Wednesday morning in Montgomery County, Alabama, according to officials with the emergency services. During the storm, a number of additional people suffered injuries, including one person whose injuries were life-threatening.

A suspected tornado caused significant damage to a large number of homes and businesses in the town of Wetumpka, which is located to the north of Montgomery.

The trees were uprooted and scattered about like chess pieces. Homes were left unprotected from the biting November air because buildings had their roofs removed. Walls were destroyed by the explosion, and what was left behind were heaps of wood, concrete, and other rubbish.

However, there were rooms in the core of the residences that still had their walls standing when viewed from above the rubble.

In the Mississippi town of Caledonia, both residential and commercial structures were destroyed.

The film taken from a drone revealed trees that had been uprooted, including one that had fallen and damaged a mobile home. A residence constructed of brick has sustained damage to its roof, revealing the yellow insulation beneath, and rooms that have been reduced to rubble. The collapse of other structures occurred.

Cindy Lawrence, who is the emergency manager for Lowndes County, stated that despite the destruction that occurred in Caledonia, nobody was hurt in the incident. The town of Caledonia may be found in Lowndes County.

“No injuries. There were a few folks who told me they were stuck in their homes, but that emergency crews were able to free them once they arrived on the scene “Lawrence stated. “There was no one wounded. Nobody required transportation to the hospital, therefore we didn’t have to take anyone there.”

Overnight, there were reports of at least two tornadoes observed in Lowndes County.

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