Durham Couple Kidnapped, Robbed in Forest Hills Home Invasion

This week, armed men pretending to be workers took an elderly couple hostage in their home, the Durham Police Department revealed on Friday.

Two people dressed as construction or service workers went to the 1000 block of Wells Street on Wednesday morning and said they were there to check on pipes at a house in the Forest Hills neighborhood southwest of downtown.

Just before 9:30 a.m., police were called to a report of a home robbery. When the crime happened was not said.

The thieves broke into the house, pulled out handguns, and tied the old people up with zip ties.

In a statement, Durham police said that they then forced the people to send “a large sum” of cryptocurrency money to an account.

Police say that the guys broke the couple’s phones and computer before leaving in a black SUV.

Residents were taken to the hospital with small injuries.

The police are still looking into who broke into the house.

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