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Durham Lady, 21, Died In Gas Station Shooting Impacted Many Lives

Durham Lady, 21, Died In Gas Station Shooting Impacted Many Lives

Durham Lady, 21, Died In Gas Station Shooting Impacted Many Lives

Karizma Mebane was a young woman with an unbroken future.
Stepsister Chanaqua Spencer wished for everybody to be aware of how many individuals she has impacted. And that warm, sincere grin and disposition always won people over.

All the attention she got was due to it.

Durham Lady, 21, Died In Gas Station Shooting Impacted Many Lives

Two males were apprehended by police in Durham and charged with Mebane’s first-degree murder. The age she reached 21 was. Mebane was discovered dead by authorities near the Valero gas station on the junction of Hardee Street and Cheek Road on Friday night. The hospital ruled her death official.

Spencer praised her stepsister, saying, “She was extremely honest.” It was said of her, “[She] had the purest heart.”

Spencer said that she treated Mebane like a sister.

“She was out having a good time,” Spencer added. As her age would suggest, “she was simply having fun at the moment.”

According to Spencer, their brother Tyrick Gattis was shot and killed in Alamance County in the year 2020.

Spencer said that his family relies on God and prayer to get through.

“Prayer, since that’s how my grandparents brought me up,” Spencer said. I was brought up in the church, so prayer is a big part of my life.

A murder accusation has been filed against two guys.
Durham police reported the arrest of Jaquez Reddick, 23, and Tracy Crawford, 18, less than 24 hours after Mebane’s death. On Monday morning, both suspects made their first court appearances.

Both males have clean records, and it just so happens that they are roommates in Durham. In addition, Reddick and Crawford seem to be brothers since they share an address and are cared for by their mother, as shown by court filings.

According to the public safety evaluation in the case file, Crawford is providing for one kid. Right now, Crawford is a sophomore in high school.

Honoring the memory of Karizma Mebane Spencer thinks her two younger brothers were slain because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I am here to keep their name alive and hope that one day the gun violence ceases,” Spencer added.

Spencer has stated her intention to establish a charitable organization to benefit others who have suffered similar losses.

The gun violence has taken the lives of too many individuals in my neighborhood,” Spencer stated. It’s all around us. Obviously, this isn’t limited to Durham. All around us, it may be found.
Funeral arrangements for Mebane are still being worked out.


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