Dwight Howard Net Worth: How Much is Dwight Howard Getting Paid?

Since high school, Dwight Howard’s basketball skills have made people take notice. He decided when he was nine that he was going to be the first pick in the NBA draft someday, and he started working toward that goal.

During his final year of high school, he was named the Best American High School Basketball Player by several publications. He also won a number of athletic awards, such as the Gatorade National Player of the Year Award and the McDonald’s National High School Player of the Year Award. He chose to skip college and go straight to the NBA, which is where he ended up.

Dwight Howard’s Net Worth

American pro basketball player Dwight Howard has a net worth of $140 million. The Orlando Magic picked him with the first pick in the 2004 NBA Draft. The team had been having trouble, and they needed someone to help them get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Howard became well-known quickly and set many records, such as being the youngest player in NBA history to average a double-double during the regular season, the youngest player to average 10 rebounds in a single season, and the first NBA player to ever start all regular-season games his rookie year.

He was picked for the NBA’s All-Rookie First Team as a rookie. He played for the Orlando Magic until 2012. In 2012-2013, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. After that, he played for the Houston Rockets, the Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Wizards, the Lakers again, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Lakers again until 2022. Howard has won more awards than almost any other NBA player.

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Howard’s Salary and Earnings Over a Career

dwight howard net worth

At his peak, Dwight Howard made more than $30 million a year between his pay and endorsements. In 2013, the Lakers offered him a deal for five years and $118 million, but he ended up signing with the Houston Rockets instead.

In 2016, he turned down a $23 million deal from the Houston Rockets and went to play for the Atlanta Hawks instead. The Hawks gave Dwight a $70 million deal with a $23 million base pay. In 2018, it was said that just from his salary, he had made more than $190 million over the course of his work.

In order to get a buyout in 2019, Dwight Howard decided to give up $2.6 million of his guaranteed $5.6 million salary. This made it possible for Howard to sign with the Lakers. Not long after that, the Lakers offered him a unique contract that would pay him $14,490 for every day he was actually on the Lakers’ roster.

It was clear that the Lakers were trying to protect their investment from getting hurt. The deal also said that if Howard got hurt before the start of the season, the Lakers would only have to pay him $6,000.

Dwight Howard made $247 million just from his pay during his time in the NBA. He also made an extra $100 million from sponsorships.

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