East High Shooter Committed Suicide With Ghost Gun After Failing Diversion Program

According to FOX31’s sources, East High shooter suspects Austin Lyle used a “ghost gun” without a serial number when he shot himself. Park County Sheriff’s deputies located the teen’s corpse and revolver beside the vehicle he had driven to Bailey.

On Wednesday morning, two school administrators were shot at East High School, and it is unknown if Lyle’s rifle was the same gun. The Denver Police Department informed the Problem Solvers that the gun found in Bailey would be submitted to forensic testing to see whether or not it matched the weapon used in the double shooting at the school.

Lyle has had ghost-hunting equipment before. After his arrest in November 2021 for having a ghost rifle, silencer, and large capacity magazine, law enforcement sources told the Problem Solvers that Lyle was placed on an 18-month diversion program in April 2022.

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According to FOX31 sources After friends at Overland High School called the police to complain that he had shared photos of a weapon online, officers from the Aurora Police Department visited his home.

East High Shooting Suspect Killed Himself With Ghost Gun
East High Shooting Suspect Killed Himself With Ghost Gun

On Wednesday, the Cherry Creek School District verified that Lyle had been expelled in the past for breaching district policy, but did not specify what that policy infraction was. The Problem Solvers learned in November of 2022 via law enforcement sources that Lyle had been sentenced to a year of probation and had his diversion revoked.

It is unclear what Lyle did to have his diversion canceled, but according to Tom Raynes, executive director of the Colorado District Attorneys Conference, diversion typically permits a child to receive assistance without receiving a conviction.

“And if they successfully complete it, the case will be dismissed and expunged,” Raynes said.

Like probation, which aims to help young offenders make positive changes to their life, diversion is an early intervention program.

“In either route, whether it’s probation or diversion, given the circumstances, a juvenile could be put into therapy or other types of mental health treatment, getting the services he or she needs,” Raynes said.

Unlike diversion, which does not result in a criminal record, probation does. At the time that authorities say Lyle shot two school administrators at Denver East High School, he was on probation.

East High Shooting Suspect Killed Himself With Ghost Gun
East High Shooting Suspect Killed Himself With Ghost Gun

Now detectives must determine whether Lyle bought his ghost pistol, built it from a kit, or used a 3D printer at home.

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