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Easy Home Water Testing Techniques for Healthy Living

Easy Home Water Testing Techniques for Healthy Living

Germantown’s water supply has been restored after being shut off for over a week due to a gasoline leak. However, there are still others who don’t trust the water they get from the tap. Germantown city officials have issued water usage rules for local businesses and individuals.

However, you can take steps to ease your personal concerns about the water’s safety. Many Memphis-area laboratories are implicated in the Germantown water issue and declined to speak with WREG, despite the fact that they regularly test city water.

Labs as far away as East Tennessee verified to WREG that they have received inquiries from Germantown residents who were unable to get answers locally and instead sought advice on how to ensure the safety of their drinking water at home.

The tweet below verifies the news:

It has been noted that most laboratories only conduct water testing for municipalities, not private citizens. However, you can choose from a few different options if you prefer to do your own tests.

There are websites that will test your water for you, but make sure you research the firm and the chemicals they look for. Diesel fuel, for example, might be hard to get by.

One of the more well-known places to order a report after collecting a sample and sending it off to a lab is However, the price might range from $160 and higher.

There are other home testing kits available. You can find some in a store that sells home furnishings. Most home test kits can only detect a limited number of drugs, so it’s important to read and follow the instructions carefully.

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WREG was also informed that a common problem with DIY water testing is that there is often no baseline data to compare the current water quality to. To improve the quality of water straight from the tap, water filters can be installed. They can range from elementary to complex structures.

Some locals have complained that they have trouble getting information about their choices. They aren’t alone in that respect. WREG contacted multiple water testing firms following the Germantown incident. No one would speak with us for an interview, not even locals.

Another sign that you might need to look into things on your own to calm your nerves. Germantown resident Kathy Barrett said, “I think we are learning to just roll with the punches as they come because we don’t know what’s gonna happen next.”

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