Eddie Guerrero Cause Of Death: How Did Eddie Guerrero Die?

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero was a major star in WWE. Eddie was the second generation of the famous Mexican-American Guerrero wrestling family, and he began his career in Mexico and Japan before making the move to the United States. We will read about Eddie Guerrero Cause Of Death in this article.

He was dubbed “Latino Heat” for his unyielding determination to triumph in the boxing arena. Guerrero won the WWE World Championship at the ‘2004 No Way Out event and was on the edge of winning a second world title when he tragically passed away a year later. To what do we owe Eddie Guerrero’s untimely demise, then?

What Was Eddie Guerrero Cause Of Death?

Eddie Guerrero passed away at age 38 from “arteriosclerotic heart disease.” On November 13, 2005, at the age of 38, Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center.

He was on his way to the ‘WWE Super ShowDown’ with his nephew and another WWE wrestler, Chavo Guerrero, and was set to appear on that night’s tapings of ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown!’

When the hotel’s front desk tried to get Guerrero up that morning at 7, he didn’t answer and remained unusually quiet. The hotel security knocked and called repeatedly before breaking down the door.

The body of Guerrero was discovered on the bathroom floor of his room, face down, with a toothbrush still in his mouth, suggesting that he had passed away while cleaning his teeth. The police had previously determined that neither suicide nor foul play was likely.

Subsequently, the autopsy determined that abrupt heart failure was the actual cause of death. His death was ruled to be from “natural causes due to arteriosclerotic heart disease” by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. The causes of his coronary heart disease were not specified in the report.

Wrestlers Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Rey Mysterio came to say their goodbyes to Eddie at his hotel room before his body was removed from the scene. Keep reading to learn the causes of Eddie Guerrero’s arteriosclerotic heart disease.

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Guerrero’s Past Substance Abuse And Alcoholism Are Generally Said To Be The Underlying Causes Of His Heart Failure

Although Guerrero had been sober for four years before his death, it is believed that his history of drug usage and steroid use led to his cardiac problems. The autopsy also revealed that Guerrero had unusually bloated organs, another result of his growth hormone use.

Wrestler Eddie Guerrero’s wife, Vickie Guerrero (herself a wrestling figure and manager), said that Eddie’s death was caused by his “aggressive fitness routine” and his use of drugs and alcohol. She discussed Guerrero’s need for medications following his 1999 automobile accident on an episode of “The Talk is Jericho,” saying:

Initially, I believed it was the standard for injured male employees to just take medication rather than miss time at work. After first assuring myself that everything was fine and that Eddie was merely trying to hide his wounds, I soon realized that I was the one who was doing most of the driving.

He was unable to carry on with his normal life, so I was picking him up. In the ring, though, he would switch on his bright lights. He enjoyed his work, but when he got home, everything was a disaster.

In 2001, Guerrero’s alcoholism worsened to the point where the WWE threatened to fire him if he didn’t enter rehab. Subsequently that same year, he checked himself into a rehabilitation center in an effort to kick his drug habit.

Unfortunately, Guerrero’s contract with the WWE was terminated on November 9 when he was involved in a drunk driving incident only a few months after returning from rehab. Nonetheless, he sobered up and returned to WWE in 2002, when he and Chavo Guerrero formed the tag team Los Guerreros. Is Eddie’s death going to change how the WWE chooses its competitors?

A Drug Testing Policy For Wrestlers Was Implemented By The Wwe After Guerrero’s Death

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stated on December 4, 2005, that it would establish a drug-testing program and policy in the wake of the death of wrestler Eddie Guerrero. The plan was to conduct random drug tests on the wrestlers on a regular basis to catch any cases of steroid, illegal drug, or prescription medication usage.

Eddie Guerrero Cause Of DeathSource: Slam Wrestling

In the past, the WWE only conducted drug tests when it was absolutely necessary. To “protect the health and well-being” of the performers and prevent more untimely fatalities, according to agency spokesperson Gary Davis, the new policy is crucial.

A reasonable policy is being developed. Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, emphasized that “no special favor for anyone.”

It wasn’t until February 27, 2006, that the WWE’s “Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy” was officially implemented, a full year after it had been discussed and revised.

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