Eddie Van Halen Guitar Hero Dies At 65

The American musician and songwriter Edward Lodewijk Van Halen (January 26, 1955–October 6, 2020) was known for his work with Van Halen. He co-founded Van Halen with his brother, drummer Alex Van Halen, bassist Mark Stone, and singer David Lee Roth in 1972, and served as the group’s primary songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist. Rock music fans consider him to be one of the all-time great guitarists. He popularised the tapping guitar solo method, which allowed players to play fast arpeggios on the fretboard with two hands at the same time.


In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on January 26, 1955, a boy named Edward Lodewijk Van Halen entered the world. Van Halen’s parents are Jan and Eugenia. Alex, his older brother, is an important influence on his life. The Van Halens made their way to Pasadena, California, in early 1962 to start a new life. When they were little, Eddie and Alex both took piano lessons. Eddie Van Halen is not a musician. He picked up what he knew by doing nothing more than listening and watching. Eddie began learning to play the guitar after switching to a new instrument. They created their first band, The Broken Combs, while Eddie was in the fourth grade with three other young men.


With the help of Eddie and Alex Van Halen, Mammoth was established in 1972. Mammoth was already a band in the Los Angeles region, so they changed the band’s name to Van Halen in 1974. Los Angeles’ music scene was rocked by Van Halen in the mid-1970s. They performed at well-known venues such as the Whisky a Go-Go in New York City. Van Halen was given a recording contract by Warner Bros. in 1977. van Halen’s 1978 debut album, “Van Halen,” went on to become one of the best-selling albums in rock history Van Halen was the most successful rock band of all time just a few years later.

It was 1979 when Van Halen II was released, and 1981 when Fair Warning was released. “Diver Down,” the band’s fourth album, was released in 1982 and spent 65 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Within a year of its release, their next album, “1984”, went five times platinum and yielded a number one single with the lead single, “Jump.” ‘5150’ came out in 1986; ‘OU812’ came out in 1988.

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A Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance went to the band in 1992 for their song “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.” Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January of 2007.

There are 12 studio albums by Van Halen, including “5150,” “OU812, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,” and 1995’s “Balance,” all of which peaked at number one on the Billboard 200.

In 2012, Eddie was voted the greatest guitarist of all time by readers of Guitar World magazine.

As a guitarist, Eddie has worked on several film soundtracks, including Back to the Future, Over the Top, Twister, and Lethal Weapon 4.

Personal Life

Actress Valerie Bertinelli was introduced to Eddie Van Halen by the band at a Van Halen concert held in Shreveport in 1980. When they wed in 1981, they had a son named Wolfgang. They divorced in 2001. In 2007, they divorced.

Eddie had numerous injuries as a result of his on-stage acrobatics. As far back as 1999, he had hip replacement surgery. The next year, he underwent treatment for tongue cancer, which necessitated the removal of a significant portion of his tongue.

Eddie Van Halen has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. At the age of twelve, he began drinking and smoking cigarettes. He became so dependent on booze that he couldn’t function without it. Since 2008, he has been clean and sober after going to rehab in 2007.

Former actress and stuntwoman, Janie Liszewski, became Van Halen’s publicist in 2007. Eddie proposed to her in 2008 after they started dating. They tied the knot in June of that year. Wolfgang Van Halen served as best man, and Alex Van Halen’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli attended as well.

Hagar posted a video of the Van Halen song “Right Now” in June 2020 because he learned the lyrics from this song “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” which prophesied things that are happening now more than 30 years after they appeared on the album. Some of “Right Now’s” lyrics appear to be about current events, such as demonstrations against racism and police brutality. However, the song was also a commentary on contemporary societal challenges, particularly in the early 1990s. At the time of its composition, Hagar and Van Halen had no clue that their song would be so important today. Stop the violence. Give peace a chance. #LetTheMusicDoTheTalking.

When Eddie married Valerie Bertinelli, he had a son called Wolfgang, who goes by Wolf.

Cause Of Death

Van Halen had emergency surgery for acute diverticulitis in August of that year.

Eddie and Alex, Eddie’s younger brother, are both US citizens.

Eddie has been battling tongue cancer for the past five years, it was discovered in late 2019. Complications from his cancer therapy landed him in the hospital in November of this year. Since about 2015, Eddie Van Halen had been receiving therapy for throat cancer.


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David Lee Roth revealed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in January 2020 that Eddie was in poor health. Because Ed is not doing well, singing and dancing are skills that must be learned and cultivated. To experience the excitement and wonder of creating with other blazing souls, you must utilize it regularly, if not for its own sake.” Roth also remarked in September 2019: “I think Van Halen’s finished and this is the next step.” Having said that, Eddie has a tale to tell as well. It’s not for me to say.” Janie’s younger brother Tom died of unknown causes in June 2020, and Eddie and Janie are mourning his death.

Eddie died at the age of 65 on October 6, 2020.

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