Elementary Teacher Killed In Minnesota Aircraft Accident

A tiny aircraft crashed into a home in northern Minnesota over the weekend, killing three people, one of whom was an elementary school teacher.

Hermantown police said a Cessna 172 crashed into the house’s second story on Saturday night, then came to a halt in the backyard, not far from the Duluth International Airport.

Elementary Teacher Killed In Minnesota Aircraft Accident
Elementary Teacher Killed In Minnesota Aircraft Accident

The deceased have been named by police as pilot Tyler Fretland, 32, of Burnsville, and passengers Alyssa Schmidt, 32, of St. Paul, and Matthew Schmidt, 31 years old, of Burnsville. The Schmidts, according to the police, are related.

According to police reports, nobody inside the house was wounded.

Police said they were alerted by the airport’s control tower that a tiny jet had gone missing from radar and was perhaps destroyed in a crash. According to the radar’s latest reading, the control tower was located 1–1.5 miles south of the airport, where the search was initiated.

First responders arrived at the area to find the remains of a Cessna 172. The jet, according to the authorities, crashed through the second storey of a house and landed in the garden.

According to authorities, both residents of the house escaped injury.
According to Minnesota Public Radio, Jason Hoffman and his wife were sleeping when the jet crashed through the ceiling.

“Due to the insulation dust, we could scarcely make out each other. In the early hours of the morning, I reached over and grabbed the flashlight beside the bed, and the first thing I noticed was a wheel from an aircraft resting at the foot of our bed “According to what Hoffman gave to the media When we peered out the window, we saw the whole rear section of our home had disappeared.

He said that pieces of the plane’s debris were jammed in between his vehicle and the garage.

KSTP was informed by a representative of the Independent School District 196 in the Twin Cities that Schmidt was a third-grade teacher at Echo Park Elementary.

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