Elon Musk tweets then delete, meme corresponding Trudeau to Hitler

After seeming to endorse truckers protesting vaccination requirements with a tweet that purported to link Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler, Musk sparked outrage on social media by comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

On Wednesday, shortly before midnight in California, Musk sent a tweet, which he promptly removed by noon on Thursday, without explanation. After being contacted for comment, he did not react.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O), expressed solidarity with the Canadian truckers who have been blocking highways and bridges since late January, bringing worldwide attention to their objection to health initiatives advocated by Trudeau’s government. Musk is also a Tesla shareholder.

The image was created in response to a tweet explaining how Trudeau’s administration had instructed banks to cut money to the demonstrators. The caption read “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau” above the picture of Hitler, with “I had a budget” written below it.

The post came after Musk and Tesla accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of conducting an “endless” inquiry to punish Musk for his criticism of the United States government in a statement on Thursday.

Musk has millions of followers on Twitter, making him one of the most well-known social media platforms. That is often seen as a marketing bonanza for electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.

Musk is well-known for his sarcastic sense of humor and his harsh evaluations. Nonetheless, many Twitter users felt that his comparison of Trudeau to Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the slaughter of millions of Jews and the outbreak of World War II, went too far.

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“@elonmusk makes a terrible analogy between Trudeau and Adolf Hitler on Twitter. Don’t engage in this kind of behavior. You seem to be a complete moron, “said @ElliotMalin on Twitter. In the middle of the day on Thursday, the original tweet was replaced with the message “The Tweet author removed this Tweet.”

The American Jewish Committee responded to Musk’s remark, calling for an urgent apology.

Musk was addressed on Twitter by Canadian Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, who described Musk’s alleged statements as “very honestly frightening.”

He also received more than 35,000 likes, more than 9,000 replies, and a slew of enthusiastic reactions, including one from @maroongolf17, who said, “my next vehicle needs to be a #tesla now.”

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