Elon Musk’s New Limits on Twitter Cause Problems for Users

Elon Musk tweeted that he is restricting the daily quantity of tweets users may see as hundreds of Twitter users reported difficulties trying to access the social media platform on Saturday.

Musk stated that verified accounts are only allowed to see 6,000 posts each day in a tweet on Saturday afternoon. Posts per day for unverified users are dramatically reduced to 600. Only 300 posts can be accessed daily by new, unverified users.

In a follow-up, he said that rate caps would shortly rise to 8,000 for verified users, 800 for unconfirmed users, and 400 for newly unverified users. Approximately three hours later, Musk tweeted, “Now to 10k, 1k & 0.5k.”

The move, according to Musk’s initial tweet, is temporary and was implemented to “address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” It’s the most significant disruption to have occurred since he bought the social media platform late last year.

Many users encountered “Rate limit exceeded” or “Cannot retrieve tweets” problem messages when attempting to access or upload content on Twitter’s website or mobile application. More than 7,300 users reported Twitter problems to the website Downdetector at 11 a.m. ET. By Saturday night, that number had dipped into the 600s.

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The outage that occurred on Saturday is not the first one Twitter has experienced in recent months. Users were prevented from posting for roughly 90 minutes in February after seeing a warning that said, “You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets.” Users experienced a brief inability to load photos or click on links in March.

Other failures coincided with news of Twitter’s data center closure and significant staff reductions, which Musk claimed were essential for the company’s financial stability.

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