‘You Stated I Was Fired’ Employee Leaves Shift Without Warning, Costing Firm $30,000 in One Day

A recent Reddit post describes the harrowing experience of a worker at a local deli and supermarket. The author, who was working a second job to help pay for their kids’ extracurricular activities, had just started working as a cashier at the store.

After losing its nighttime cleaner, the owners of a butcher shop decided to make the cashiers accountable for cleaning and disinfecting the business between customers. This is elaborated upon by the author:

“The owner sat at their office (watching tv and mucking around) and when a customer came in (doorbell would ring), they would buzz the phone in the butcher area for the cashier to come to check them out.”

Employee Loses Business $30,000 in One Day (1)
Employee Loses Business $30,000 in One Day (1)

The worker in question arrived for work at 6 p.m., was informed of the new setup, and promptly responded “no.” On he goes:

“I was not hired to clean up the butcher area, I was hired to run the register and stock shelves. The owner then said I would clean the butcher shop or I could consider myself fired and they walked away.”

“I said ‘Fine’, I grabbed my things and left. Apparently, the owner thought I had given in and was in doing the cleaning. So they buzzed the butcher area when customers came in for about 2 hours before someone told them no one was coming to check them out.”

Employees in New York City should not be forced to conduct work that is outside the scope of their original employment without prior notification and remuneration, per the city’s governor. Citizens Advice also notes that businesses cannot require employees to perform work beyond the scope of their job without additional remuneration.

You can read other news in the California Examiner at any time:

At this moment, all of the store’s booze, cigarettes, and lotto scratch tickets were purchased. The owner called the employee around 7:30 p.m., yelled at them, and threatened to have them arrested by police. Finally, the author says:

“The owner did call the police, The owner stated he wanted me arrested as an accomplice to the thefts, because I had left. Cops asked me to come to the store, which I did, and I explained that the owner had fired me, so I went home and the CCTV would prove that fact. The tape was reviewed, and plain as day, the owner said I was fired. I estimate they lost about $30.000.00.”

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