Epic Theatres Evacuated Following Explosion Reports

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office went to Epic Theatres in St. Augustine after getting multiple reports of an explosion inside a full movie theater.

There was a big police reaction, and it was found that three men set off at least two ground-to-air fireworks inside a theater that was full of people.

SJCSO says that the people ran away before the police got there.

The tweet below verifies the news:

There were no injuries recorded at the scene, and the theater only had minor damage. Law enforcement took a short time to clear the building and search it.

Around 7:20 p.m., police saw two teens setting off illegal fireworks near Wildwood Drive and US1 South.

The police talked to two teenagers who were definitely the last two suspects from Epic Theatre. They were put in jail, and about 60 grams of marijuana and drug tools were taken from them.

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The suspects were caught and charged with setting fires, acting in a disorderly manner, and having a lot of marijuana. Law enforcement is still trying to figure out who the third person is.

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