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Ariana Grande’s Rumored Boyfriend Ethan Slater Filed For Divorce From Wife Lilly Jay

Ethan Slater Filed for Divorce

Ethan Slater Filed for Divorce

The boyfriend of Ariana Grande wants to start his new relationship with the singer with a completely clean slate, so he has decided to divorce his ex-wife.

Ethan Slater Filed for Divorce following his Alleged Relationship with Ariana Grande

Legal documents acquired by TMZ state that Ethan Slater made the decision to divorce Lilly Jay on Wednesday and that she did so in New York. The precise reason Ethan gives for the split is yet unknown.

High school sweethearts Ethan and Lilly married in 2018 and welcomed a son together the previous year.

The Tweet below covers the whole story:

The decision isn’t entirely unexpected given that TMZ first reported it. According to insiders, Ariana and Ethan started dating after meeting on the “Wicked” set while both were unmarried. They have been together for a number of months.

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However, Lilly was upset to learn about Ethan’s new connection and believes he abandoned his little family, according to sources close to her.

Concerning Lilly’s claims, a source close to Ethan and Ariana said, “It’s normal that emotions are high and it’s difficult seeing your ex move on, especially in such a public fashion, and her friends are attempting to protect her. But as they pursue this new connection, Ari and Ethan are merely attempting to keep a low profile and show respect for their ex-partners.

Since we broke the news that they were dating, we haven’t seen Ethan and Ariana out together, but it’s obvious that he’s willing to continue living with the singer.

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