Evacuations Urged as Flash Flooding Hits Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Some residents of the Inland Empire were evacuated Monday as heavy rains in Riverside and San Bernardino counties again filled up storm drains and triggered mudslides.

The Yucaipa Police Department has issued an evacuation order for the following areas: “Oak Glen, Oak Glen Road, north & south, from Casa Blanca Road to the County Line, south from Wild Lilac Point down to WildWood Canyon Road.”

Evacuations Urged as Flash Flooding Hits Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
Evacuations Urged as Flash Flooding Hits Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

After further consideration, Yucaipa police extended the scope of that order to cover “the community of Forest Falls from Canyon Drive south to Prospect Drive.”

Redlands East Valley High School (3100 E.) has been set up as a Red Cross shelter for those in need during the recent evacuations. It’s on Colton Avenue.

San Bernardino County Fire Department said that flooding caused by heavy rains has affected residences, power service, and natural gas lines in Forest Falls, located about 75 miles east of Los Angeles.

The fire department was checking for survivors and examining the building’s stability.

KTLA footage showed buildings and vehicles smashed together, and one car was nearly submerged in the rubble.

San Bernardino County Fire Department Capt. Jeremy Kern reported widespread mobile and communication outages, prompting firemen to visit each residence to verify residents’ safety and assess damage.

At least two cars got stuck when a section of Riverside’s Chicago Avenue flooded.
On Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued Flash Flood Warnings for the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino.

This storm hits a day after mudslides in the Lake Hughes area left scores of drivers stranded.

Flooding at California State University, San Bernardino and its sister school in Palm Desert forced the cancellation of in-person classes. The San Bernardino University library, student union, sports stadium, and some student housing were damaged.
Brandon Von Haden, a student, reported that the rain was “pounding” and that Shop-Vacs were utilized to help remove the water.

“The foyers of both of these buildings were flooded, and we had to vacuum it out,” he explained.

Devoney Arevalo, a classmate, reported hearing thunder before the “very strong” downpour.

The area in front of our building, known as the “quad,” was inundated, she said.

Campuses were slated to reopen on Tuesday.