Evil West Release Date: Leaked Plot And Gameplay

A third-person shooter called Evil West was created by Flying Wild Hog and released by Focus Entertainment. It takes place in the 1800s. Western America serves as the setting for the game, but there are many more places that are featured as well.

However, throughout Evil West, myths, legends, and historical incidents are reimagined in a distinctively warped Old West universe that is brimming with dark secrets.

Evil West Plot And Gameplay

In an alternate version of the 1800s West, where vampires live side by side with regular people and terrifying beasts roam the countryside, Evil West is set.

The players, on the other hand, take on the role of one of the last individuals still able to threaten them, purge the country of fear, and destroy all the terrible creatures with their arsenal of tools and skills.

Evil West Release Date

Evil West Consoles And Platforms

Evil West will be made available on PC, PS5, and Xbox series X|S. Currently, it may be pre-ordered digitally on Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, the official website of Focus Entertainment, and even physically on a number of websites, such as Amazon. The Nintendo Switch version of Evil West, however, is not yet confirmed.

Evil West Trailer

Evil West Trailer can be watched on YouTube. Below is the video of Its Trailer.

Evil West Release Date

The release of Evil West has been delayed, as Focus Entertainment revealed on Twitter. The game was initially slated to be released in September 2022.

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Later, a deadline of November 22, 2022, was set for the game to be polished and ensure that it reaches its full potential.


Q. Will Evil West be released on the PS5?

A.On November 22, 2022, Evil West will be made available not only for the PS5 and PS4 but also for the PC and Xbox series X|S.

Q. Will Evil West be multiplayer?

A. Evil West’s creator, Flying Wild Hog, has revealed that the horror action game will offer a two-player online co-op campaign.

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