Ex-wife of Doctor Killed in Home Invasion Indicted for Murder Plot After Nearly 2 Years on the Run

A fight broke out in the home of a well-known Oregon doctor almost two years ago, and he was killed. Police think that two people broke in and killed the well-liked family doctor in a planned attack. Now, his ex-wife has been charged with murdering him and is in jail.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said in a press release that Reina Gabriela Jackson, who also goes by the name Reina Gabriela Matute-Ruano, is charged with one count of murder in the second degree and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the second-degree for the death of Dr. Craig Jackson, 45, on August 2, 2021.

Police say that the man was shot in the head and found at his home in North Bend. KEZI, an ABC station in Eugene, said that Jackson’s wife told police that two unknown men broke into the house, fought with the victim, shot and killed him, and then left.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Frasier was quoted by Roseburg, Oregon-based CBS station KPIC as saying, “We think there were three people involved in Dr. Jackson’s death.” “We have no doubt that Reina Jackson had something to do with the death. The other two people are men, and we haven’t been able to figure out who they are yet.”

Craig Jackson’s family offered a cash prize for information about his death, and his coworkers spoke fondly of him.

“He was an important person in our community,” Bay Clinic CEO Elana Crane told KCBY, a CBS station in Coos Bay. “He had a lot of clients. He was healthy in every way. He worked very hard. He was an equal partner in our business. You can never take someone else’s place. You learn how to live with a loss, and that’s kind of where we are now.”

Reina Jackson was pretty much a suspect from the beginning.

In the press release from last week, Frasier said that a national arrest warrant for the suspect was issued “soon after” her ex-husband was killed. After the crime was done, she is thought to have left the country and gone back to Guatemala, where she was born.

“She and Dr. Jackson went through the process of getting a divorce. The breakup was finally over…” The DA told KPIC, “I want to say 2016-2017.” “However, there were problems with child custody that kept coming up.”

The Coos County DA told KPIC that an official extradition request was going to be sent to Guatemalan authorities when Reina Jackson came back to the United States on her own.

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“She flew back into the United States, and she was caught in Atlanta, Georgia, even though there were arrest warrants for her,” Frasier said. “The Atlanta police have put out what is called a “fugitive report.” It will be sent to the courts in Atlanta and given to her.”

The suspect was picked up on June 14.

Reina Jackson is being held in an Atlanta jail until she can be sent back to Oregon. She has not yet been charged.

The DA’s office said that the investigation into the dead doctor’s ex-wife took almost two years and involved at least 12 different organizations. The North Bend Police Department was in charge of the case.

When the defendant left Coos County in 2021, she was also picked up on a warrant for breaking the rules of her probation.

Frasier told Law&Crime that her indictment could not be made public until her arraignment and that until then, “it is considered to be secret.” The DA said that he didn’t have anything else to say about the case.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be named was happy with how the murder case of Dr. Jackson was going.

They told KEZI, “I’m glad they found her, I really am.” “I thought it was interesting that when people were here looking for clues, they said they had never let a murder go unsolved. And they said that it might take a while. And I’m glad they found her in the end.”

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