Excelsior Springs Man Accused Of Rape, Abduction; Victim ‘stable’

After an alleged abduction and sexual assault in the 300 block of Old Orchard Street in Excelsior Springs, the area will be investigated for many days.

Lt. Ryan Dowdy of the Excelsior Springs Police Department stated that at about 7:45 p.m. on Friday, a lady “began pounding and yelling on surrounding doors.”

Lisa Johnson, a neighbor, saw the lady stooping down and almost crawling close to her. According to Johnson, the lady clearly had a traumatic encounter. She was scarred on the face and wrist. It was at this point that Johnson decided to contact the authorities.

She had previously had her face tied, but she had unbound it. Johnson said, “She was wearing a collar of some kind.” She said, “I’m being held, and the guy holding me lives up the block.”

According to Dowdy, police enforcement was able to determine the lady had been detained against her will for a long time. According to Dowdy, the woman’s status in the hospital is stable.

Excelsior Springs PD announced Timothy Haslett, Jr.’s arrest on Friday night, charging him with the following:

A rape of the first degree
The offense of abduction in the first degree
Assault in the 2nd Degree

The police stated they would wait to share information until a report was written after sending a cadaver dog to an Old Orchard Street home.

According to Dowdy, the dog was sent to the home after the victim made a statement.


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