Execution Outside Popeye’s Leaves Family ‘num’

Salvador Debudey Jr. was hunting for food when he was ambushed and killed by a man police believe to be a serial murderer in Stockton, California.

On August 11th, the murder happened outside a flower store that was owned by Debudey’s uncle. According to William Debudey, Debudey, a burgeoning musician and artist better known to his friends and family as Sal, had gone by the house the day before to say hello.

Execution Outside Popeye's Leaves Family 'num'
Execution Outside Popeye’s Leaves Family ‘num’

The incident occurred when he was taking a bite to eat, he told The Daily Beast on Wednesday inside his shop. The setting was a chicken stand, and he was there. …and the man drew his weapon and shot him. Imagine your nephew stops over to say hello and then mysteriously dies.

Debudey’s corpse was discovered by police in the Popeye’s parking lot just before 10 p.m. The 43-year-old was laid to rest in an Oakland Raiders shirt, according to William, who also gave the funeral flowers (red roses for love and white lilies for peace).

According to William, “the day that we found out that anything happened to him, it was from a guy off the street who said, ‘Hey buddy, we believe your nephew was slain. And I only said, “I saw him yesterday.”

William claims that his elder brother, Salvador Sr., contacted at 2:30 a.m. and identified himself as “it.” William took a stroll across town in an effort to get perspective. Since then, he has been unable to find any resolutions.

Those people are crazy!” What kind of monster would act like that? Continued William. Whatever occurs, I pray you’ll accept that God will handle it. The question is whether he can murder him or whether he must put him in jail. My heart tells me that no family should ever have to go through this.

Debudey was the second victim in a run of five recent fatal shootings in Stockton that have ratcheted up tensions in the city. 35-year-old Paul Yaw was the first victim, attacked and murdered on July 8. Then came Debudey, followed by the September 27th death of 54-year-old Lawrence Lopez Sr. and the August 30th deaths of 21-year-old Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez and 52-year-old Juan Cruz.

Ballistics evidence is only one piece of evidence that points to the same person or people being responsible for two previous shootings, one of which resulted in death, last year. Juan Vasquez Serrano, 39, was shot and murdered on April 10, 2021 in Oakland, which is around 70 miles away from Stockton. The second victim, a 46-year-old unidentified homeless woman in Stockton, was shot outside her tent in the wee hours of April 16, 2021, but managed to live.

We don’t know what the motivation was,” Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden stated on Tuesday. Nonetheless, we maintain that it is mission-driven. This individual has a purpose.

A spokeswoman for the Stockton Police Department, Officer Joseph Silva, told The Daily Beast over the phone on Wednesday that “it does not seem that there have been any robbery attempts.” “We still don’t know whether it’s just one, or two, or numerous suspects,” he stated, despite the fact that there is just one person of interest at the moment.

All except one of the victims, a woman who was walking home alone in Stockton, have been males. They were mostly Latino, and several of them were homeless. The CCTV footage of a person of interest who has been seen at several crime locations has been made public by investigators. The individual in question was a guy who stood between 5’10” and 6′ tall and was dressed all in black, including his hat and face mask. The police are hoping that his “uneven stride,” as McFadden put it, will lead them to him. Any information that helps to solve this case and result in an arrest will be rewarded with $125,000.

William said, “so we’re still mourning,” since it has just been a month or two after Debudey’s burial. I’ll quote my elder brother: “Sal was his firstborn. As a result, this complicates matters even more for us… In the role of nephew, he was devoted. All of us have our flaws and shortcomings; none of us is flawless. However, I would say that he have a lovely heart. He’d give you a dollar if he had it and you asked for it if he did.

His uncle said that Debudey, a Stockton native, had a wife and a kid that he had to abandon. Debudey responded, through gritted teeth, that he had neither fixed abode or regular employment in recent years, despite having done some work for William. William put him to work mopping the floors, unloading trucks, and placing chopped stems in the fridge whenever he stopped by.


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