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Falling Tree Limb Injures Six People at Santa Rosa Park

Falling Tree Limb Injures Six People at Santa Rosa Park

Falling Tree Limb Injures Six People at Santa Rosa Park

A sudden incident at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa, California, left six people injured when a tree limb fell on them. The incident occurred on Saturday, July 15, prompting a swift response from the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

While one person suffered major injuries, another sustained moderate injuries, and the remaining four had minor injuries. Emergency services swiftly arrived at the scene, with multiple ambulances, a fire engine, and a rescue truck dispatched to provide aid. The community expressed their concern and well wishes for the injured individuals.

The Incident at Spring Lake Park

On Saturday morning, at approximately 10:46 a.m., emergency calls were made to report a tree limb accident at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa. The falling limb struck a group of people at the park, leading to injuries among them. The Santa Rosa Fire Department promptly responded to the scene to provide immediate assistance and medical attention.

Injuries and Emergency Response

Of the six individuals affected by the falling tree limb, one suffered major injuries, while another sustained moderate injuries.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The remaining four individuals suffered minor injuries. Five ambulances were dispatched along with a fire engine and rescue truck to facilitate the transportation of the injured individuals and provide medical aid on-site.

Community Support and Concern

Upon learning about the incident, concerned individuals expressed their sympathy and support on the Santa Rosa Fire Department’s Facebook post. Many expressed their hopes for a speedy recovery for the injured victims. The community came together to offer their thoughts and well wishes during this unfortunate event.

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