Family Awaits Justice in Decades-Old Murder Case

The family of Crystal Cantrell, who was brutally stabbed to death 13 years ago, continues to wait for justice in a long-standing case involving jealousy, brutality, and the pursuit of a strong case to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Crystal Cantrell’s body was found on August 10, 2010, in the Bluestone River off Gardner Road in the Spanishburg area. She was 36 years old and a mother of two.

Michael Wiseman, 56, of Welch, was arrested for Cantrell’s murder in February 2022. He had a relationship with Cantrell, who was his brother’s ex-wife. Numerous individuals had witnessed Wiseman stalking and harassing her.

Wiseman was indicted for Cantrell’s murder by a Mercer County Grand Jury in October 2022 and is awaiting a trial scheduled for September.

On the anniversary of Cantrell’s death, her sister Annette Key spoke of the family’s pain as they continue to seek justice for their loved one. Cantrell’s mother, Jeannie Cantrell, expressed her longing for the case to be concluded and justice to be served for her daughter.

Despite the passage of 13 years since the murder, the family remains deeply affected by the loss. Jeannie Cantrell noted the ongoing pain and longing for justice and resolution.

Court records reveal that Cantrell had made statements to friends indicating that she was breaking up with Wiseman on the day of the murder. Witnesses had seen them arguing on Gardner Road. Wiseman answered Cantrell’s phone when her husband called, claiming she was with him and hanging up, which led to the husband hearing Cantrell screaming for her phone back.

Wiseman fled the scene, abandoning his motorcycle, and later fled the state to Ohio and Indiana. He was interviewed in Ohio where he admitted to being the last person to see Cantrell alive but denied killing her.

Witnesses attested to Wiseman’s controlling and stalking behavior, revealing a pattern of harassment and intimidation towards Cantrell. Wiseman’s defense has filed motions to lift house arrest and to suppress his initial statement to the police, both of which were granted by the court.

As the trial date approaches, the family continues to yearn for justice and closure, knowing that the ordeal is far from over.

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