Family Demands Justice After 69-year-old Man Killed By Hit-skip Driver In Akron

Family Demands Justice After 69-year-old Man Killed By Hit-skip Driver In Akron: It was clear from the sadness in Linda Devers’ voice and expression how much Gerald “Jerry” Devers meant to her and her family.

She spoke about Jerry, who died in a hit-and-run accident on December 22 close to the University of Akron campus, while fighting back tears.

At the intersection of Spicer and Exchange streets in Akron, a motorist who ran a red light struck Jerry Devers, 69, of Cuyahoga Falls. A few hours after being taken to Summa Akron City Hospital, he passed away from his wounds.

His sister described him as having a good soul. He wouldn’t harm a bug. Jerry was adored by everyone who knew him. I can’t believe someone would just hit him and leave him to die in the middle of the street since he had a large heart.

Devers claims that the suspect car was eventually located and its owner was identified. However, as authorities were unable to identify the driver of the car at the time of the event, no arrests have been made.

“The owner of the car told the police that they are unsure of who was driving it at the time when the police got to their home. How could you not know who was operating your vehicle? It was her. “[The automobile] was never reported as stolen, so I’m curious as to why the owner is unsure about the car’s driver. I’m not understanding it.

“I don’t want them to sleep at night. I know it seems terrible, but I have trouble sleeping at night. Unable to eat. My brother’s face, which I saw in the funeral home, is all I can keep seeing. His nose was fractured, his face was completely purple, and he was badly injured.

The distraught sister is begging the individual who killed her brother to come forward.

“How do you manage that? She questioned, “How do you sleep at night knowing that you killed an innocent person? “Please report to the police. Do what is right.

Devers stated that she is unsure of what motivated her brother to go for a walk nearby.

She investigated his house and cell phones after his death and discovered he had not made any calls or received any messages that might have provided an explanation for why he was walking in University Park.

The last thing Devers recalled saying to his brother that day was, “Jerry, the weather is going to turn terribly cold, please don’t go walking about.” “Jerry loved to stroll, so I don’t understand why he was over there. He constantly walked everywhere.

She said, “He would go above and above for anyone.” You would only have positive things to say about him if you actually know him.

“He used to refer to me as his little spitfire and tell me that I had his feistiness. He was really scheduled to attend the Christmas dinner I hosted this year; regrettably, he passed just a few days before it, Mahon added. “If you have any information, kindly do the right thing, act morally, and come forward. My family merely desires my uncle’s justice and closure.

To raise money for Jerry’s cremation and memorial service, Mahon recently set up a GoFundMe. Donations can be made at if you’re interested.

A reward of up to $2,000 has been offered by Summit County Crime Stoppers for any information that results in an arrest. Calling 330-434-2677 is the number to use if someone has any important information.

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