Family Demands Justice for 11-Year-Old Boy Shot by Police Officer in Mississippi

Family members say the 11-year-old child who was sh*t by a police officer in Mississippi after dialing 911 is doing well after being released from the hospital. The family is demanding that the officer who sh*t their loved one be fired and criminally punished.

According to his mother, Nakala Murry, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Aderrien Murry was sh*t in the chest by an officer from the Indianola Police Department early on Saturday morning as the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance complaint at the child’s house.

Murry told CNN that her other child’s father had shown up at her house at 4 a.m., and he was “irate.” Murry requested that Aderrien contact law enforcement because she feared for her safety. Murry stated that the responding officer “had his gun drawn at the front door and asked those inside the home to come outside.”

Murry claimed her kid was sh*t as he entered the living area from the hallway. “He came around the corner and I sh*t him,” Murry claimed. I just don’t get it. The same officer who previously ordered him to leave the house. As a result, (Aderrien) was sh*t. Why did he sh*ot me?” he continued wondering. 

Family Demands Justice for 11-Year-Old Boy Shot by Police Officer in Mississippi
Family Demands Justice for 11-Year-Old Boy Shot by Police Officer in Mississippi

She questioned, “What did I do wrong?” Murry estimated that “one to two minutes” had passed when the officer first begged everybody inside to please come outside before gunfire erupted.

After suffering a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a lacerated liver as a result of the sh*oting, the kid was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and put on a ventilator. On Wednesday, he was discharged from the hospital. CNN has contacted the facility. Murry’s daughter and her 2-year-old nephew were also in the house when the sh*oting occurred, she added.

Body camera footage has not been released

The incident was recorded on a police officer’s body camera, according to Carlos Moore, an attorney for Murry’s family. The lawyer said that his request for the body cam footage had been denied because of “an ongoing investigation.”

The incident’s body camera footage has not been made public. Moore added that he has heard that the incident was captured on camera at a neighboring petrol station. Indianola police chief was unavailable for comment, but the department verified to CNN that the officer involved in the incident is named Greg Capers.

CNN’s request for comment from Capers went unanswered for some time. A lawyer for the Capers family claims that the Indianola Board of Aldermen voted to put Capers on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated on Monday night.

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The MBI issued a statement over the weekend saying the agency is “currently assessing this critical incident and gathering evidence” and would pass over its findings to the state attorney general’s office once the inquiry is complete.

Bailey Martin, a representative for MBI, told CNN via email on Wednesday that she would not be answering any further questions because “due to this being an open and ongoing investigation, no further comment will be made.” CNN has reached out to the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office and the Fourth Circuit District Attorney’s Office for comment.

Family Angry Police Officer Remains Employed by Department

According to Murry, she applied pressure on her son’s wound as he “sang gospel songs and prayed while bleeding out.” She said the police officer put his hand on top of hers to try to staunch Aderrien’s blood during first aid.

The paramedics who responded to her call were “very attentive,” she claimed. Moore remarked that “Aderrien was inches away from losing his life.” To say a cop can do this and get away with it is unacceptable. The mom begged Aderrien to report her daughter’s dad to the authorities. He followed police orders to leave his room and was sh*t as he emerged.

After a long day of arr*sts on Saturday, Murry was told by police that her daughter’s father had been released because she had not filed a report. How could I possibly find the time? She remarked, “When I heard that he had been released from jail, I was at the hospital with my son.”

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

Murry told CNN four days after the shooting that she had not spoken to any police investigators and that “no one came to the hospital from the police station” about the incident. She sobbed, “I’m just happy my son is alive.” Moore expressed his rage to CNN about the fact that Capers still works for the Indianola Police Department.

We believe that the city and the officer should be liable to Aderrien Murray, for the damages they have caused,” the lawyer added. Moore stated that a sit-in protest would begin at the Indianola City Hall at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday. The poverty rate in Indianola, a tiny community comprised primarily of African Americans, is 31%. Located about 100 miles north of Jackson, it is part of the Mississippi Delta.

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