KCK Police Shot and Killed Unarmed Doordash Deliveryman, According to Family

After a traffic stop on Wednesday night ended in tragedy for a man and left a police officer in Kansas City, Kansas injured, authorities in Kansas City, Missouri launched an investigation. Amaree’ya Henderson, 25, has been identified as the man who was shot and killed by a police officer in KCK.

According to FOX4, Henderson’s family says he and his girlfriend were on their way home from delivering a DoorDash order in KCK. They said there was no weapon in the car. According to KCPD, the incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday near S. 12th Street and Metropolitan Avenue.

According to authorities, a KCK police officer opened fire amid a dispute at a traffic stop. Pauletta Johnson, Henderson’s mother, said her son and his girlfriend FaceTimed her because he “feared for his life.” Johnson acknowledges that the plate was no longer valid.

Family of Man Shot, Killed by Kck
Family of Man Shot, Killed by Kck

According to the report, the police officer tried to approach the shattered window on the driver’s side. She mentioned that the back window was lowered. According to the family, things got worse after the driver’s door was unlocked.

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Maura De Anda, translating for a neighbor named Patricia Cadena, stated, “She heard a strong sound, you know, it was a crash to her car.” Cadena claimed Henderson’s automobile collided with hers. De Anda stated, “She saw that crying woman, and I think that guy was still alive, but he had a gunshot on his arm when she saw him.”

On Wednesday night, she recorded the scenario on camera, capturing police lights and a sobbing woman in the street. The family is demanding that the Kansas City Police Department share footage from the incident’s nighttime body cameras.

Evidence, such as body camera footage, will not be released during an active investigation, according to the KCPD. After being transferred to the hospital, Henderson unfortunately passed away. The police officer suffered injuries, but they were not life-threatening.

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