Farmington Police Arrest Two Teens for April 21 Auto Burglaries

Two teens were caught by Farmington police in connection with a string of car break-ins that happened on April 21 night.

Investigators found a lot of blood on some of the cars that had been broken into, according to a news statement. Investigators also found out that two guns were taken from the cars.

The next morning, while the thefts were still being looked into, police were called to the Animas Valley Mall because two young people were yelling and making no sense. According to the statement, one of the suspects had blood on the front of their pants, and the other had a handgun in their waistband.

A Police Officer Caught the Young Person With the Handgun

A police officer caught the young person with the handgun, but the second one ran away and hid in a nearby store, according to the news release. This caused the mall to go into emergency lockdown mode. Police found that the young person who had been caught had one of the guns that had been stolen during the car break-ins.

Twenty minutes later, the second young person was found at Dad’s Diner, where they were taken into arrest. According to the release, that young person was in charge of the second stolen gun from the car break-ins.

After more research, it was found that the two suspects were allegedly driving a stolen car that they crashed on Sunrise Parkway near the Pion Hills Golf Course and ran away from before police officers came.

Anyone with more knowledge about the case is asked to call 505-334-6622 for non-emergency dispatch.

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