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Father Charged With Murder in Death of Second Son

Father Charged With Murder in Death of Second Son

Father Charged With Murder in Death of Second Son

A North Carolina father who injured his infant by shaking him was sentenced to prison. Ten years later, he is now charged with killing his other child.

Sterling Cummings, 33, was detained by the police on Monday in connection with the death of his three-month-old son Waylon in May 2021.

He appeared to be watching the youngster while the boy’s mother went shopping. She claims that when she came back, the infant was not breathing and hadn’t received the bottle she had prepared.

While she dialed 911, a neighbor gave CPR. After being brought to the hospital, Waylon’s condition was discovered to be retinal hemorrhaging (bleeding in the retina of the eye), and his MRI was abnormal.

According to police, Cummings gave contradictory accounts of what occurred and deemed the scene “suspicious.” The infant eventually passed away from his wounds. It was determined that he was murdered.

Cummings is accused of criminal child abuse and first-degree murder. He has been accused of abusing children twice.

He moved in with his fiancée and their baby Andy, who was around three weeks old, in August 2012. After being shaken by Cummings, the infant was transported to the hospital.

Justice Denied as Mother Evades Consequences

The tragedy left the youngster permanently brain-damaged, blind, and with cerebral palsy. Despite being charged, Andy’s mother was never brought to justice.

Andy and another of Cummings’ children were adopted by Tracy and Allan Trepcyk, who were present at his first court appearance on Tuesday.

Tracy said, “We attempted to warn everyone that he was going to do this again.

In 2013, Cummings admitted to felony child abuse that resulted in significant damage. He received 60 months of closely monitored probation and credit for 20 days served in jail.

Tracy replied, “I’m just praying that under these circumstances they get this right.

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“I’ll never be able to wrap my arms around it,” Allan remarked. I’m merely aware that he’s a dangerous person who deserves to be imprisoned.

In accordance with court records, Cummings is also facing allegations of violence against a female dating back to a 2022 incident. Without a bond, he is detained.

When your time comes, you’ll have to answer to a higher force, and I hope you perish, Tracy added.

He may spend up to 40 years in jail if found guilty of the child abuse accusation. He might receive either the death penalty or life in prison if found guilty of murder.

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