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Tragic Autopsy Confirms Mother and Infant Fatally Shot by Father

Father Shoots Mom and Baby

Father Shoots Mom and Baby

Autopsy reports have revealed a harrowing truth about the tragic demise of a New Hampshire mother and her infant child. The detailed examinations confirm that the woman’s partner subjected them to multiple gunshots before taking his own life with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The chilling findings emerged following the completion of autopsies conducted on Nicole Hughes, 35, and her beloved 1-year-old daughter, Ariella Bell. These distressing revelations were disclosed by authorities on Sunday, shedding light on the devastating sequence of events that unfolded.

Their bodies were found in their home on Saturday. Jamie Bell, who was 42 years old, was found dead on the bank of the Merrimack River in Franklin. An autopsy was also done on his body. In a statement to The Daily Beast, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Weinberg said that Hughes and Ariella’s deaths were caused by “multiple gunshot wounds,” and that Ariella’s death was a murder.

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Bell died of “a single, self-inflicted, stab wound to the neck,” which means that he killed himself. While the investigation is still going on, the statement said, “Officials believe that Mr. Bell shot and killed both of them before running away and killing himself.”

A five-year-old daughter of the couple was also found with what looked like a gunshot wound to her right arm and a cut on her back. She survived the experience and is being treated for her injuries.

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