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Fbi Warns About Us Open-angry ‘anti-vaxxer’ Who Passed Through Checkpoint

Fbi Warns About Us Open-angry 'anti-vaxxer' Who Passed Through Checkpoint

Fbi Warns About Us Open-angry 'anti-vaxxer' Who Passed Through Checkpoint

According to a dispatch from the FBI’s New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, a guy named Virpaul Singh Mahil was found with a copy of the “A New World Order” manifesto. Customs and Border Protection agents reportedly interviewed Mahil on August 26 and he allegedly expressed resentment about vaccination requirements, according to statements from three law enforcement officials. His stated goal was “to protest the U.S. Open,” according to the FBI report.

Officers allegedly found marijuana gummy bears in Mahil’s truck, which led to his initial denial of entry into the United States. However, authorities claim he made an illegal U-turn at the Massena, New York, border crossing and did not return home.

Fbi Warns About Us Open-angry ‘anti-vaxxer’ Who Passed Through Checkpoint

He then allegedly “drove into opposing traffic to aggressively enter the United States, escaping law enforcement,” as the report puts it. It was reported that Mahil was heading into New York City in a white Honda Civic while driving in the incorrect direction (south) on northbound lanes.

Investigators claimed Mahil went to Manhattan after being followed from Saugerties, a town in Ulster County. On August 31 and September 1, his vehicle was issued two parking citations in the Chelsea area, one for the intersection of West 29th Street and Eighth Avenue and the other for the surrounding block. Friday’s hunt for the vehicle by law enforcement officials turned up empty.

The suspect is not believed to be armed or to be preparing an assault, according to three law enforcement authorities. The JTTF issued the warning out of an abundance of caution after hearing reports of his “escape from an immigration checkpoint” and comments made at the border in reference to the ongoing U.S. Open tennis event in Queens.

Mahil is a South Asian, 6-foot tall, 181-pound local of Arnprior, Ontario. Officials from the FBI and the NYPD both declined to comment.

As tennis superstar Serena Williams competed in what could be her final competition, the focus has been on the U.S. Open this week. The fact that three-time men’s champion Novak Djokovic was not allowed to play in the grand slam competition this summer because he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19 attracted headlines as well.

Mahil allegedly informed CBP authorities that he had discussed traveling to the tournament grounds this week with other people on Reddit.

Ontario license plate CHTL133 belongs to Mahil’s Honda Civic. Anyone who knows anything about his whereabouts is urged to contact the authorities.

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