Federal Law Enforcement Arrests 95 Maryland Gang Members

The US Marshals Service said that 95 people, including more than a dozen, wanted for murder, were caught during an operation in Maryland that focused on places where gang violence was a problem.

According to a news statement, the agency led more than 30 other law enforcement groups in a large-scale search last month called “Operation Washout.” They were looking for criminals wanted for crimes ranging from robbery to murder.

The statement says that federal, state, and local police worked together to catch 17 people who were wanted for murder, 16 for attempted murder, 19 for robbery, and seven for crimes involving weapons.

The US Marshals Service said the goal of the operation was to “foster safer communities” by going after violent fugitives and wanted gang members in parts of the state where gang violence was a problem.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Six gang members were among those who were caught, according to the police. Ten guns, 78 pounds of marijuana, and 78 grams of cocaine were also taken during the operation.

Erek Barron, a US Attorney for the District of Maryland, said at a news conference on Friday that there is still a long way to go.

Barron said, “The murder rate, especially in Baltimore, is unacceptable, but we have made a lot of progress this year.” “We’re on the right track and working together to get there.”

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Baltimore has had a lot of crime for a long time. The city with the most people in Maryland has had more than 300 murders each year since 2015, according to the Baltimore Sun.

So far this year, there have been 117 killings in the city that have been recorded.

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